Random Acts of "Kindness"


When I’m not paying attention — I get hit on the head. I’ll bang my head into an open cabinet, something will fall out of the frig or freezer, maybe something cascades from the medicine cabinet. The end result is one of my body parts whimpers or yells. Sometimes I have an idea what I am overlooking. Many times I am at a lost.

Since I don’t see nor hear “my friends” in high places. They use other means to get my attention. I’m often at the right place to see something or talk to someone. The other day my knee was yelling as I walked to the bank. I saw a younger person on a older scooter, the kind with front and back wheels and a handle. She had a dog on a leash. I was struck by her imagination — I wondered if a sore knee kept her from walking her dog normally. I overheard her tell her dog that she couldn’t go that way, climb a high curb and I wondered.

One of my reasons for wanting to stay in our house rather than move to the country — if I can’t drive, I can get around the city via public transportation. I can walk to a grocery store, the bank or a drug store. I can walk 6 blocks to the EL train and go downtown. I don’t have to drive.

My husband and I attended Smokey Joe’s Cafe, a play at Drury Lane. During intermission I talked to the woman sitting directly behind me. She shared a story. Her uncle, a young 100 years of age just renewed his drivers license. I heard of other people in their 100’s who were driving, but usually out in the country. When I asked where he drove she told me the North side of Chicago — not rural by any means. In fact — a high traffic area. So I wonder, will I be able to continue to drive as I continue to age. Time will tell.

I often hear of many people who are in their 90’s, with good quality of life — still accomplishing their life’s work — Jerry Lewis, Betty White, Tony Bennett just to name a few. I’m often reminded of God’s promise to Abraham “That He would make him numerous as the grains of dust” Sirach 44:21.

I’ve been getting bumps rather often lately. I didn’t know if I needed to make a few phone calls to make sure our roof’s skylight would soon be installed. Phone our home insurance to inquire about the remaining check. Phone to set up an appointment for podiatry care for my husband. Many things were put on hold when we were in the country.


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