Random Acts of "Kindness"


I’m sure it is my fault. After all, I mentioned that I needed to write a few more thought rambles. I asked for ideas. I asked for “help”.

We are still at the camper. My husband took our two bikes out of the shed and inflated the tires. I used to LOVE to ride a bike. Notice the past tense here. The last time I had the bike out, I got HOORIBLE cramps in my right thigh. So bad I couldn’t move, let alone walk. When they finally let up, I walked the bike back home. I don’t want to remember how long ago that was. I know it was before the ulcer on my left leg. When the doctor treated the veins on my left leg, I asked him to treat the veins on my right leg too — so I would be able to ride a bike. I will admit that I still get cramps in my right thigh. I will admit that I have a stationary bike at home that I haven’t been on either.

The bikes were out of the shed. The tires had been inflated. I convinced myself that I should see if I would be able to ride without a cramp. We camp on a hill. It is a challenging ride up or down but I thought going down hill would be easier. I planned a SHORT ride — to the bottom of the hill, and I would walk the bike back home.

First, walking through the kitchen — my right eye started to hurt. I didn’t know if something fell in it — like an eyelash or a bug or ?? I did know that it HURT. As a matter of fact I couldn’t keep my eye open. I have eye drops in the bathroom and treated my eye to a couple of drops. I told my husband what had happened and said that even though I wasn’t tired, I was going to lie down and rest my eye. I heard the phone when our daughter phoned. I get her voice mail often — I don’t often get her voice.

I put the storm windows on the bunk room windows. I don’t think anyone will be sleeping in there again this year. Night time temps are forecast to go down in the 50’s. Extra storm windows on the East side won’t hurt.

I put my socks and shoes on. I prepared to ride the bike. My husband came up onto the deck. He was replacing the floor in a shed and ran out of screws. Have scooter will travel. A short time later, I returned with needed screws. I hate to admit that I didn’t bring my eyeglasses and needed help getting the screws. I thought the store was getting ready to close and wanted to beat the closing. Thankfully there was someone to help me.

Preparing to ride the bike — I saw a friend walking down the street. After talking to him, I realized my foot hurt and I needed to sit down. One, two, three — delayed again — I realized I wasn’t supposed to ride the bike today. If I don’t try it before we go home, I’ll have to practice on my stationary bike at home.


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