Random Acts of "Kindness"


I’ve been given a gift that I’m very grateful for. I neither see nor hear my friends in high places but I KNOW they are there. Are they always there? I have no idea but they make their presence known. If I’m having trouble doing something, if I send a “help” request up, it is often answered. The help might be anything from finding something lost on the floor or in the fridge or my glasses somewhere in the house. Now I try to keep the requests to a minimum — function through life on my own, but I have learned that it is very nice to have “HELP” that I can count on.

Sometimes the “help” comes without my asking — it usually is to remind me to do something or NOT do something. Recently I have been going to aquacize, exercise in the water. The campground has provided Styrofoam weights for us to use. I had arrived early and decided that I would bring a few sets of weights to the side of the pool. I picked up a set and immediately lost one. Retrieving the wandering weight, I picked up another set only to have the same thing happen again. It didn’t take many more wandering weights to remind me that I didn’t use them, I had too much enthusiasm and damaged my shoulder. I do the exercises without weights. Only after I loudly exclaimed: “I’m not planning to use the weights myself.” was I able to bring three or four sets to the side of the pool without any more trouble.

I opened Queen Of Angels to “Angels as Playmates and Confidants” one morning. It had been a chilly night and I wanted to see if our furnace was working. I raised the temperature on the thermostat and as soon as the furnace had finished its cycle, turned the thermostat back down. Going out on the deck later, I noticed a plastic bin that we had stored wood pieces left from the building of the deck was melted. It had been just fine the night before, I couldn’t figure out what had happened. It was only after some time passed I realized the bin had been in front of the exhaust of the furnace. The heat had melted the side and the top. It could have started a fire and I had all that lovely fuel inside. Needless to say “LESSON LEARNED” and the melted bin is no longer on the deck. As a matter of fact, the stored wood has now been burned in a campfire. I did remember to say “Thank You.” If we had left that bin were it was on the deck , and returned home. If the furnace had cycled off and on a few times, we might have had a fire.

I’m VERY GLAD I have “friends in high places.


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