Random Acts of "Kindness"


Miracle of Miracles the scale moved down, far enough that I was down into the next lower sets of digits. But only for a day. We went out to eat with friends and the scale must have recognized it made a mistake because it climbed right back up again. I tried to eat healthy so that my weight would stay down, but restaurant food is higher in sodium than what I am used to eating. Not only did I have chicken soup but I had bread too. OOPs.

But I LIKED the lower number and I am determined to not only see it again but to stay there this time or go lower. We came out to the camper and I brought some of my own soup. Soup — salad — for lunch, I might make a dent in my weight. Tai Chi — Aquacize — walking — I might get my weight down. Good plans!

EXCEPT — we have friends at the camper — opportunities to EAT OUT. They also have MANY restaurants that serve the food my husband likes. The restaurants are more affordable than the ones back home. AND, as if that wasn’t bad enough, they have many festivals — specializing in their own unique foods. Somehow the food always tastes better there. Now I can pass on a lot of it — but some still calls my name.

I planned to do either strength with Jane Fonda or Aging Backwards. So far, neither DVD has made it into our machine BUT I have used the deck for Tai Chi most days. I’ve made it to aquacize two times. If the weather would co operate, I will be in the pool most of the days we are here. Sadly summer is making way for Fall and the pool will be closing. Even if it didn’t close, it will be too cool to get into the water. My Fit Bit had issues, luckily it was still under warrantee so they are sending me a new one. Without it, I don’t know how much sleep I’m getting at night or how many steps I’ve gotten each day. Lack of sleep contributes to weight issues. My knee is still unhappy, exercising in the water is so much easier.

Woman’s World magazine just had an article in which a woman was able to lose a sizeable amount of weight by walking 10 minutes, 3 times a day. The short intervals boosted her metabolism, which was better than a 30 minute walk. I might have to try a few short walks. Robin likes to go for walks but I don’t know if our speed or lack is beneficial to weight loss.


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