Random Acts of "Kindness"


It is hard to explain the interactions between myself and “my friends in high places.” Often it is just a mystery. Many times I’m not even aware of their presence or their interaction but sometimes one and one makes two. Sometimes I’m given a hint, and sometimes, but not often I investigate.

So you have been reading this for over a minute now and I’m sure you are wondering just what in the world am I writing about. The reason for this ramble is that once again I’m amazed. I had a friend request this morning that I accepted. I seldom turn down requests because of the nudges I receive to write this blog. Since I’m not writing on weight loss, making money, raising children, a food blog or any of the other hot topics — I feel that if someone wanders into my life, there is a reason. Just maybe they need to become aware of the “help” they are receiving from the other side.

Now I’ll admit that I received a hint this morning, but I will also admit that I didn’t pay any attention to it. I read in Queen Of Angels: “Bear my son to the world.” This is not the first time my fingers have pointed to this sentence.

When I accepted this person as a friend, a few of her postings appeared on my screen. Now I will also admit that days go by before I read any of the postings on Facebook — or my emails. Why did I read the postings this morning? Your guess is as good as mine. A question popped into my head — who is she? Is there a reason she wanted to be friends? Good questions — curious, I made my way to her page.

Recently there have been a few deaths in my circle of family and friends. My son-in-laws younger brother passed, two people who were on dialyze or who should have been, passed and my husband ‘s sister lost her daughter. The person who wanted to be my friend also recently lost a daughter. This person passed over on my father’s birthday. “Hi Dad!”


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