Random Acts of "Kindness"


Once upon a time I was amazed when something crossed my path that was helpful to me. I WISH TO ACKNOWLEDGE THAT I STILL AM! The information comes from many sources, always or mostly unexpected. This time I accompanied two of my daughters on a shopping or investigational spree. We stopped at an antique store at the beginning of our trip and I quickly realized that whatever energy I had was quickly leaving. It was the fourth day of visit from our daughter and granddaughter and my age had already caught up to me. I decided that if I didn’t sit down while they looked I wouldn’t make it for the rest of the day. Standing and looking wasn’t working for me. I abandoned the store and visited a nearby Starbucks. They could shop and look, I could sit and recharge.

After getting a Chia Latte, I sat down at a table that held a Conscious Community magazine. One of the last articles I read “Heeding The Message … 15 Years Later” highlighted my feelings for the day. “The universe starts with a whisper. If you don’t listen, the whisper turns into a massive holler!” I don’t know if I heard a whisper telling me that I was overdoing it. I did listen when standing and looking caused my knees and other body parts to object. Hopefully I didn’t cause the universe to holler.

The article reminded me that sad as it is to say, I’m no longer 21 or even 51. I’m not ready to sit and watch the world go by but I need to pay more attention to my activity. That day there was no way I was going to miss the fun of spending time with my daughters. At the same time, spending time sitting instead of standing, with the help of some caffeine allowed me to enjoy the rest of the day.

DO I PAY ATTENTION TO THE UNIVERSE? Good question. Yesterday I was EXTREMELY TIRED, so tired I could have easily sat down and waited for anyone to cook supper or order out. I had catfish defrosted — I needed to cook! And I did. It was delicious.

This morning, I noted everything I did yesterday. Looking at the list — there was a very good reason I was so tired. I thought I had done well. When I listed my chores for the day, I postponed three things for next week. I didn’t realize I had ADDED SIX more plus a shopping trip.

The night before, I caught a blurb on TV announcing that the dog flu was back. Yesterday, my husband took Robin to the Vets for the first of two shots. She likes going to the lakefront and running with other dogs. We want her to stay healthy.

Question: Will I ever learn? Hopefully I can keep the universe at a whisper — not a holler!


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