Random Acts of "Kindness"

Warm Fuzzies

I’m writing this thought ramble on Saint Patrick’s day, the leprechauns were running around this morning. Actually, I think it was my mother saying “hello.” I stopped in the bathroom this morning with my bible in my hand. I planned to use the time well. My bible flew out of my hand, landing upside down, dislodging a little booklet of “Little Francis Love Notes.” I was born on St. Francis’s feast day and the booklet had completely disappeared from my memory. My immediate response was “Hi Mom”, since she has Irish ancestry.

I took Robin for her morning walk. On the way, we met a black Lab puppy. Both the puppy and Robin enjoyed the run. I will admit that I took Robin off the leash so both adults had a chance. The puppy is still too young to be trusted with her freedom.

A little later, I opened Queen Of Angels to “Angels As Confidants And Playmates”. My finger landed on my father’s memorial card. “Hi Dad!” After all, even though my father is Swedish, it is a FAMILY affair.

I don’t often know who is out and about. This morning it was pretty evident. Sadly I didn’t really get a chance to know my mother. I was only four when she passed. I also don’t know if I had any experiences after the fire that would be the cause of some of my talents or abilities. When I was young, it was dangerous for anyone to acknowledge special talents. I have listened to many authors who have explained their challenges in their early years. Thankfully times have changed and special gifts are no longer judged unfairly.

I have been told that I have more gifts that I don’t use. If I do, hopefully I will recognize them eventually. Until then, I’ll just enjoy the special things that occur and share them so that you will know that more things can happen besides pennies and dimes, butterflies and birds. While the world is our oyster, it is also theirs – they have more talents available to them.

Little Francis’s Love Notes ends with a drawing and these words: “I can’t fill God’s shoes, but I can follow His steps. I can handle one step at a time.” I can only add, “I’m trying!”


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