Random Acts of "Kindness"


A new word has entered my vocabulary that I seem to be using on a very REGULAR basis. The word popped into my head the other day. It seems to accurately describe my actions. I don’t remember what I was doing at the time, but it really doesn’t matter. I was standing in our middle room, finishing some task, and walked with purpose to the bookcase in our dining room. Arriving — I had NO IDEA what I was after, why I had walked with such purpose to stand and look at the bookcase. SHORT CIRCUIT! Now I’ll admit that whatever it was, after I stood quietly for a few minutes, I remembered what I had been doing, — I remembered what I was after.

Each time I have a short circuit, I stand and try to remember what I was doing, what I came for. Sometimes it helps — sometimes I have to continue on and hope that I will remember. If it is important — I usually do. If I was on automatic pilot — it can be days or hours before whatever it was surfaces. My lack of remembrance is especially aggravating when whatever is lost is important — cell phone, glasses, keys etc.

A pair of glasses is still lost. First off — they are not prescription. Second, they where slipping off and becoming uncomfortable when I was wearing them. I kept them in my purse. They where in a very soft case. Did I lose them — outside of the house. I searched the house. If they are here, they are hiding. They are not in the car, I checked. So did I lose them — or were they taken away? Good question — no answer.

My father had Alzheimer’s, so that is always a concern. I’m not particularly worried at this time. My grandson who is almost ten, every once and a while short circuits.


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