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Once upon a time I was amazed when something crossed my path that was helpful to me. I WISH TO ACKNOWLEDGE THAT I STILL AM! The information comes from many sources, always or mostly unexpected. This time I accompanied two of my daughters on a shopping or investigational spree. We stopped at an antique store at the beginning of our trip and I quickly realized that whatever energy I had was quickly leaving. It was the fourth day of visit from our daughter and granddaughter and my age had already caught up to me. I decided that if I didn’t sit down while they looked I wouldn’t make it for the rest of the day. Standing and looking wasn’t working for me. I abandoned the store and visited a nearby Starbucks. They could shop and look, I could sit and recharge.

After getting a Chia Latte, I sat down at a table that held a Conscious Community magazine. One of the last articles I read “Heeding The Message … 15 Years Later” highlighted my feelings for the day. “The universe starts with a whisper. If you don’t listen, the whisper turns into a massive holler!” I don’t know if I heard a whisper telling me that I was overdoing it. I did listen when standing and looking caused my knees and other body parts to object. Hopefully I didn’t cause the universe to holler.

The article reminded me that sad as it is to say, I’m no longer 21 or even 51. I’m not ready to sit and watch the world go by but I need to pay more attention to my activity. That day there was no way I was going to miss the fun of spending time with my daughters. At the same time, spending time sitting instead of standing, with the help of some caffeine allowed me to enjoy the rest of the day.

DO I PAY ATTENTION TO THE UNIVERSE? Good question. Yesterday I was EXTREMELY TIRED, so tired I could have easily sat down and waited for anyone to cook supper or order out. I had catfish defrosted — I needed to cook! And I did. It was delicious.

This morning, I noted everything I did yesterday. Looking at the list — there was a very good reason I was so tired. I thought I had done well. When I listed my chores for the day, I postponed three things for next week. I didn’t realize I had ADDED SIX more plus a shopping trip.

The night before, I caught a blurb on TV announcing that the dog flu was back. Yesterday, my husband took Robin to the Vets for the first of two shots. She likes going to the lakefront and running with other dogs. We want her to stay healthy.

Question: Will I ever learn? Hopefully I can keep the universe at a whisper — not a holler!

Warm Fuzzies

I’m writing this thought ramble on Saint Patrick’s day, the leprechauns were running around this morning. Actually, I think it was my mother saying “hello.” I stopped in the bathroom this morning with my bible in my hand. I planned to use the time well. My bible flew out of my hand, landing upside down, dislodging a little booklet of “Little Francis Love Notes.” I was born on St. Francis’s feast day and the booklet had completely disappeared from my memory. My immediate response was “Hi Mom”, since she has Irish ancestry.

I took Robin for her morning walk. On the way, we met a black Lab puppy. Both the puppy and Robin enjoyed the run. I will admit that I took Robin off the leash so both adults had a chance. The puppy is still too young to be trusted with her freedom.

A little later, I opened Queen Of Angels to “Angels As Confidants And Playmates”. My finger landed on my father’s memorial card. “Hi Dad!” After all, even though my father is Swedish, it is a FAMILY affair.

I don’t often know who is out and about. This morning it was pretty evident. Sadly I didn’t really get a chance to know my mother. I was only four when she passed. I also don’t know if I had any experiences after the fire that would be the cause of some of my talents or abilities. When I was young, it was dangerous for anyone to acknowledge special talents. I have listened to many authors who have explained their challenges in their early years. Thankfully times have changed and special gifts are no longer judged unfairly.

I have been told that I have more gifts that I don’t use. If I do, hopefully I will recognize them eventually. Until then, I’ll just enjoy the special things that occur and share them so that you will know that more things can happen besides pennies and dimes, butterflies and birds. While the world is our oyster, it is also theirs – they have more talents available to them.

Little Francis’s Love Notes ends with a drawing and these words: “I can’t fill God’s shoes, but I can follow His steps. I can handle one step at a time.” I can only add, “I’m trying!”


A new word has entered my vocabulary that I seem to be using on a very REGULAR basis. The word popped into my head the other day. It seems to accurately describe my actions. I don’t remember what I was doing at the time, but it really doesn’t matter. I was standing in our middle room, finishing some task, and walked with purpose to the bookcase in our dining room. Arriving — I had NO IDEA what I was after, why I had walked with such purpose to stand and look at the bookcase. SHORT CIRCUIT! Now I’ll admit that whatever it was, after I stood quietly for a few minutes, I remembered what I had been doing, — I remembered what I was after.

Each time I have a short circuit, I stand and try to remember what I was doing, what I came for. Sometimes it helps — sometimes I have to continue on and hope that I will remember. If it is important — I usually do. If I was on automatic pilot — it can be days or hours before whatever it was surfaces. My lack of remembrance is especially aggravating when whatever is lost is important — cell phone, glasses, keys etc.

A pair of glasses is still lost. First off — they are not prescription. Second, they where slipping off and becoming uncomfortable when I was wearing them. I kept them in my purse. They where in a very soft case. Did I lose them — outside of the house. I searched the house. If they are here, they are hiding. They are not in the car, I checked. So did I lose them — or were they taken away? Good question — no answer.

My father had Alzheimer’s, so that is always a concern. I’m not particularly worried at this time. My grandson who is almost ten, every once and a while short circuits.


Unless I tell a story, I have trouble explaining the interaction I have with “my friends in high places” since I neither see or hear them. After years of experiences (20 to be exact) I have “learned” that I’m receiving either “help” or direction. Today is the anniversary of my father’s passing. My mother and brother passed when I was four, but my mother was so good at working behind the scenes that I was unaware of her help.

Yesterday I headed for the bank to deposit some checks, transfer some money. On the way I met Henry, a 10 month old Lab. He was extremely excited when he saw me, so much so that his walker asked if we had met before. I didn’t know what to say, finally admitting that I walk to a different drummer, have both two footed and four footed friends in high places — some of them might be with me now. Dogs are more attuned to energy and Henry might have picked up on their presence.

At the bank, I overheard a man telling the clerk that his wife was allergic to penicillin and had trouble with the medication they use for surgery. Since I have the same issues, I took the opportunity to talk with him. During the conversation I learned many things. His father passed over last March. Since they knew he was passing his daughter had the opportunity to mend some fences. His father was very active in their Catholic church, and many more details. I mentioned that if he needed his father’s help, he was there — he just needed to be aware. I mentioned that I walk to a different drummer, often received “help” from the other side and gave some examples. Recently my pedometer stopped working. It clipped onto my pants and had been falling off on a very regular basis for some time. I had been forewarned. I had been given the opportunity to investigate various other means of tracking my steps. I still used my old pedometer. IT STOPPED WORKING! No choice — buy a new pedometer or buy a gadget that I could wear on my wrist.

He seemed skeptical. So I asked him how he could explain my being at the bank at the same time he was, and overhearing his conversation. Maybe it was so I could pass on the message that his father was behind the scenes — “helping.”

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