Random Acts of "Kindness"


SYNCHRONIZE — to move or occur at the same time.

“HELP! I know I need to write. I understand. But in order to write a thought ramble I NEED a subject, I NEED a title!”

Out at the camper, I wandered down to the Center for morning coffee. The parking lot was full, the tables were full also. They were making a new pot of coffee. I found an empty chair and thought about staying to talk. It was a lovely morning, it was warm enough to take my scooter for a ride. I decided not to stay for coffee. I decided to take the scooter for a ride instead. I have to admit that since the tornado, I haven’t wandered up for coffee very often. Too much to do and not enough time to do it in.

Before I left, I stopped to talk to a friend. I have known her for too many years to count. She is experiencing a new health challenge this year — her eyesight has diminished so much that she can no longer drive. She has always been independent, full of energy, willing to help. One of her children drove her out to the camper and friends are taking her for coffee, and shopping, and ?? She is staying busy. She had planned to stay one month, it has been three months and counting. She is considering going back home in October.

She told me that she has realized that she gets a lot of help from GOD. “There are so many synchronicities. I never noticed them before. I can’t help but notice them now.”

I replied that she has always received “help” from above, she was just too busy to notice. Now that she is challenged, she has more time to notice. Since my father passed over, I will admit that synchronicities are a normal part of my life, so much so, that many times they pass by unnoticed. Thinking back, I realized that I have been receiving “help” from above most of my life. My mother was VERY GOOD at “helping” quietly.

It is only when someone brings it to my attention like Lois did at coffee that I think about it. I will admit that most of the time when I notice I will say “thank you!” Here is my question for you — Do you notice the synchronicities in your life? Or are you too busy?


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