Random Acts of "Kindness"



Normally I publish my thought rambles a few weeks after they are written. The events of the past week have caused me to reschedule and publish this one in a timely fashion.

I was forewarned that something was going to happen. The homily at church concerned the storm, Jesus in a boat, the disciples afraid they were going to drown. I had taken a photo of my painting, GHOST SHIP or THE STORM and had it printed on canvas. I planned to embellish it and give it to one of my daughters for Christmas.

Monday, walking Robin I fell, kissing the sidewalk, injuring my body but thankfully not breaking anything. We had planned to go to the camper but my husband needed a refill on his insulin. Since our doctor is in the office on Monday, I was hoping to get his prescription refilled and we would leave on Tuesday.

Monday night, storms in the area were severe — in fact nine tornado’s touched down. Woodhaven Lakes, our campground, was struck by an F2 tornado, damaging the southern half, about 700 acres of the campground. Thankfully there were no fatalities. It was a Monday, only about 300 people were on the property not the crowds of a weekend. Monday evening, The Goodtimers, a club for people over 55 was holding a ice cream social. They were gathered in a solid construction building. At 8:10, security came by and asked them to remain in the building until further notice. At 11:30, they were finally allowed to leave. Trees were all over the roads, blocking safe passage. Tuesday, a search for victims trapped in their trailers was conducted. I have heard that two handicapped victims were rescued. THANK YOU doesn’t fully convey the gratefulness for the staff on property.

Woodhaven is closed, anyone on property can stay but if they leave, they can not return. Thankfully I have heard from some of our friends and learned that a tree fell on our motor home. The photo of it has been published in a newspaper. Thankfully, as of Tuesday, our park model is still in one piece. Many people spend their summers at Woodhaven and winter down south. Many people have lost their home away from home. From the photos, there is total devastation. Electricity was finally turned on Thursday. We still don’t know when access will be allowed.

By now, my husband’s 1954 Lincoln would be on property. But this year, it is still at the mechanics, safe from harm. Because of the downed trees, it would have been smooched too.

It is hard to prepare for the trip. We don’t know what we will find. I have repacked my clothes — jeans instead of shorts, high shoes instead of sandals. I have been told that I won’t be allowed to help. We have purchased a bigger, gas chain saw and work gloves. I’m going to leave the canvas and paints at home. I still have my bathing suit. Hopefully the pool will be open. My body would like that.

We have camped at Woodhaven for over 40 years — our home away from home. I sure don’t want to stop now. But one thing is certain — I will pay more attention to storm warnings and head for permanent structures if there is a need.


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