Random Acts of "Kindness"


I finally did it. The scale registered my weight three pounds lower. I was so happy, I actually jumped for joy. And I was able to keep that weight for a WHOLE THREE DAYS. Then it happened — the scale rebelled — or was it my body. And once again I was almost three pounds heavier.

I don’t know exactly what happened. It wasn’t as if I was eating ice cream and cake and cookies. I didn’t have a lot of chocolate or any pizza — maybe a little bit more bread — maybe a little bit more sodium. Whatever the little bit was — there is a little bit more of me.

After all, I’m still down three to four pounds. Something to celebrate — RIGHT? I tried on the winter coat that I bought that was just a little tight. IT STILL IS. I pulled out an old belly dancing DVD that I did a couple of years ago. I enjoyed it then — I was huffing and puffing NOW! I didn’t remember it being SO LONG or SO HARD. Okay, so I was at least two years younger — but I have been exercising regularly. Evidently the exercise that I have been doing is gentler on my body. I’m not giving up. I know where my belt is that jingles.

I’m wearing my pedometer every day. I’ve increased the number of steps I take from around 5,000 to close to 10,000 — on a regular basis. Robin is benefiting from the longer walks, I’m not sure my body is. I’m still not giving up but I sure would like to see some progress that would stick.

I just realized that I have celebrated my third anniversary writing this blog. And evidently I’m not done yet. I hope these rambles have helped you connect to your friends or relatives on the other side or at the very least, realize that there is another side. Recently the priest at church asked if we have ever been saved. He was commenting on the apostles hiding in the room because they were frightened. I couldn’t help but remember my mother carrying me out of our burning house and returning for my brother. She rescued me then and I’m sure there are many times when she still comes to my aid. I am extremely grateful!


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