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We have lived in our neighborhood for many years. We have had as many as five grocery stores within walking distance of our house. We are down to two now. I usually walk over to the closest if I’m out of some item for dinner or in the winter, if I need some exercise. I often receive more from the store than just food and cleaning products.

Since we have lived here for so many years, I often meet friends or acquaintances from church in the store. Recently, talking to an associate from my children’s school days, I learned that a favorite place — The International Market — in Oahu had closed. Hearing that it closed made me sad. My husband, son, and I have spent many happy times there. Looking it up on the internet, I learned that it is being rebuilt and will open in August of 2016.

I usually check out the magazines when I’m in the store. Often they stay in the store but sometimes they wander home with me. Since I’m still trying to lose weight, that is a subject that catches my eye. Recently I saw an article on a drink that is made from dandelion tea, cranberry juice and lemon juice. That magazine actually made it home and I’m happy to report that my weight has gone down a pound or two. I’m sodium sensitive and the ingredients are not only healthy but helpful to my body. In fact, I had to make a run to a store to pick up more dandelion tea.

Although I watch television, I’m rather selective in the programs I watch. I LOVE musical programs and almost missed one of my favorite award shows. Thankfully, the new Woman’s World magazine had an announcement that it was coming.

Since I don’t trust my memory, when I find an article that I find helpful, I cut it out and put it in a binder. Recently I told a friend about a herb that I have found helpful. Looking through my binder I found two articles on the herb, one from 2013 and the second, from 2014. Both were written by well known universities. In fact, One was Swedish.

I seem to be having a Swedish week. First, a friend gave me a lovely Swedish musical doll. Next I found the two articles, one from a Swedish university. Then a cookbook I sent for finally arrived. The chef grew up in Sweden and references many Swedish customs and foods. Of course, since I lived with my Swedish paternal grandmother for a few years, the Swedish food is very familiar to me. It helps to explain some of my love for some foods.

I have to admit, besides my father who is a full blooded Swede — I have many Swedish friends in high places. My paternal grandmother had eleven children.


First I received an e-mail from the place Robin received her obedience training warning about a flu outbreak. They were closing and disinfecting the place. Then I heard a report on the television that an influenza was hitting the dog community. I called our vet and learned that I now needed to make an appointment instead of just appearing at the office. There were no appointments available for that day. But I also learned that Robin’s kennel cough shot was still in affect. No worries or so I thought.

A week later Robin was coughing at night. She had been very lovable that day. When she was still coughing the next morning I picked up the phone and made an appointment. As soon as I made the appointment she stopped coughing. We were invited into the vet’s office via the rear door — a protection against the flu.

She DID NOT LIKE having her temperature taken but thankfully her lungs were clear. Robin had a low fever and received pills: cough drops — every 8 hours for five days. She also received an antibiotic — every 12 hours for seven days The news has since reported that the dog flu is from over seas and more than 1000 dogs are affected. Now it is spreading to the cat population. The news said that the kennel cough vaccine does not prevent the animal from getting the flu but it should be a milder case. The dog beach and dog parks are empty. I was concerned that whatever Robin had made the three dogs we saw the day before sick but they are all fine. Whether she had the dog flu and fought it off or picked up a cough from us — she is better now.

We postponed going to the camper on a lovely weekend — I didn’t want to give her medication to protect her from fleas, ticks and ringworm when she was on the antibiotics.

Robin LOVES to run with other four footed friends at the beach. She LOVES to play with other dogs. She IS NOT a people person. I can easily state that SHE IS NOT LIKE ANY OTHER DOG WE HAVE EVER HAD. At first, they recommended staying away from the dog parks for two weeks but it doesn’t sound like the flu is running its course. The weather is warming up, I hope we don’t need a freeze to kill the germ. I’m ready for SPRING!


Step by step : First step — my husband made an appointment with an optometrist, his eyes were burning and tearing when he read for a long time. He learned that he needed glasses, that although he had cataracts they weren’t too bad and his retina was disintegrating. Eye sight is important — you don’t want to lose it.

Second step — we made an appointment with our primary doctor. We learned that my husband’s blood sugar over a three month period was still too high, an adjustment to his insulin was needed. Thankfully, his diabetes hadn’t affected his eyes. We also received a referral to a Retina specialist. I learned after an examination, that our doctor determined that the pain in my back was probably caused by a muscle. Another incentive to lose weight.

Third step — I made an appointment with the retina specialist. On a shopping trip we located the Dr.’s office so we wouldn’t get lost. We left early enough to arrive ahead of time, in case there was paperwork to fill out.

Fourth step — we located the doctor’s office on the building sign and determined it was on the third floor. We pressed the elevator for up, when it arrived — we pressed the button for the third floor. We descended into the basement. We pressed the button for the third floor. We stopped at one. We pressed the button for the third floor. We DESCENDED to the basement. We pressed the button for the third floor, we ascended to the fourth. When the elevator door opened, WE GOT OFF AND WALKED DOWN A FLIGHT OF STAIRS. Arriving at office 333, the sign on the door read Diamond Health services. ??? The person at the desk said the doctor had relocated and took us down to the building rental office via elevator. We learned the doctor relocated two years ago — to Oakbrook. ?? We had been early, but Oakbrook was easily a 45 minute drive. There is no way we would have arrived close to the time of his appointment.

Thankfully I had brought the information our primary doctor had given us that had the phone number on it. When I phoned, I learned that they had relocated to a hospital that was only a fifteen minute drive from our location. I knew exactly where the hospital was since the vascular surgeon that had healed my leg was located there. We exited the building by WALKING DOWN the stairs.

Last step — after an examination, the doctor determined that my husband didn’t need treatment for his retina at this time. We have another appointment in six months. NEXT TIME we are going to a new doctor, I WILL TRY TO REMEMBER to confirm the address.

Was the elevator possessed or was it only trying to tell us we were at the wrong place? Good question — no answer.


I would give up if I wasn’t so stubborn. That is something else I got from the Swedish side. My father received a statue when he was young of a boy pulling a goat. It is one of my prized possessions. Who was more stubborn — the boy or the goat? I don’t know but his daughter comes in close.

I exercise, I walk, I watch what I eat, I write down what I eat and the scale stays STUCK! Recently I pulled out and tried on my bathing suits. Eventually summer is coming. When it does — all of the bathing suits in the stores that I would be able to wear will be gone. I HATE TO TRY ON NEW SUITS! But I love to go in the pool weather permitting. When I had the ulcer on my leg I couldn’t go in the water for over five years. Thankfully, with the help of my sexy socks, my legs are healed. SUMMER — SWIMMING — let the hunt for a suit begin.

I had a 20% off coupon from a store. Their clothes are more expensive but well made. I have purchased swim suits from them before. The coupon was ending that day so I went and I looked at the prices and I looked at the selection and I pulled a few suits to try on — one a two piece.

The two piece didn’t fit right — it would be perfect for sun bathing but I don’t sun bath — I swim or pretend to. I have to admit that my swimming is laughable but I can make it across the pool — I stay were my feet can touch the bottom. Then I remembered that the two piece bubbled up in the hot tub, I love the hot tub if one is available.

I still had three suits to try on. Of course, the one I liked the best was almost $100. I don’t like to spend that much money for a suit. I put them all back and wandered the store but I came back and picked up the best one. When I approached the clerk I told her that I wasn’t sure I was buying it — but she said it was on sale and I had my coupon. I now have a new suit that fits me NOW, that I can swim in. Maybe, with any luck, by the time summer comes, it will fit me better!

I decided to have smoothies for breakfast. Continue on or amp up my exercise. My back still hurts when I’m standing too long. The doctor told me the pain is from a muscle — not my sciatic nerve. It is not my spine nor my hip, if it is a muscle — if I can get rid of some of my belly, maybe I can get rid of the pain.


I lived with my father’s mother for quite a few years when I was young. She probably has had the most influence on my cooking habits — health and long life probably came from her also.

My grandmother was of Swedish decent, mother of eleven children and excellent cook. Since she had such a large family, she knew how to stretch her money and had a dry humor. I have since learned that she earned money sewing beads and sequins on fabric. (That must be where another of my interests comes from.) She passed over at the young age of 91.

Recently I published the thought ramble GRANDMOTHER to honor her on her birthday. That particular day I was shopping with a friend — girls day out. We met for breakfast at Gramma Sally’s, then proceeded to Wal-Mart for a bit of shopping. I had my list, for a change I was prepared. (Don’t laugh!) I really didn’t have a lot of stuff to purchase so I wandered the food aisles. I was surprised when I found a box of no-sodium beef bouillon. Since I eat a sodium restricted diet it was A LOVELY find. It wasn’t with the soups, it was with the sugar. There is NO WAY I would have found it. I must admit I bought three boxes.

It was a day when I left my mind at home. I left home without checking my wallet for cash. I wandered the store, checking my list — everything listed was in my cart, or if not, purposely not purchased. I felt something was missing, but I couldn’t remember what it was.

Walking through the parking lot, with my loaded cart, I remembered — I forgot to check the clearance aisle for miniature planes. My granddaughter mentioned she liked them too when I gave a set to her brother.

My friend suggested I go back to the store and look. She was happy to wait in the car. So I did. I wandered the clearance aisle, searching from top to bottom, all the items that were on the three shelves. I searched from North to South. On the other side, a clerk was stacking more items on the shelf. I asked if she has seen the planes. I asked if she had any planes in her cart. Both answers were negative. I proceeded to search the opposite side of the aisle, South to North, three shelves with more stuff hanging from posts. I was about to give up when I saw THREE packages of planes, marked down to five dollars each on the last post in the aisle. All THREE were MINE! I decided that $15 wasn’t too much to spend for something that I knew my grandkids would enjoy. Imagine my surprise when the grand total for the purchase of all three packages was $4.92. THANK YOU GRAMMA!

My plans for the grocery store was very limited since my freezer is stocked. I wanted some catfish until I saw they were on sale and one bag became two. Then I notice if I spent $25, I would get a ham butt for .69 a pound. That was too good a deal to pass up. All I had to do was find another $6 of food to buy, but it couldn’t be frozen or need freezing. There was no room. I had a challenge — I MET IT!

Did I mention that I said THANK YOU again.

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