Random Acts of "Kindness"


Was I angry? Good question — No, I laughed. So now I’m sure you are wondering what I’m writing about. When I visited the post office, the clerk’s and my conversation revolved around how “my friends in high places” communicated with me. We spoke of flickering lights, trouble with the phone and computer problems. When I arrived home, I wrote POST OFFICE, followed by SMOOTHIE. I try to keep the ramble to around 500 words and I was already over my self imposed limit. Writing SMOOTHIE, I had another thought that I decided to share. I save all of my rambles on a external hard drive — except SMOOTHIE got stuck in a loop — refused to be saved and impossible to get the original screen back. I’m not sure how I solved the problem, it was probably a time when I kept trying various methods until something worked. When SMOOTHIE appeared on the screen, it was missing the last paragraph. AND I UNDERSTOOD that the thought shouldn’t be shared and laughed.

I first experienced my “editor” when I was writing TO PAP,WITH LOVE. I had TROUBLE — sentences disappeared, I watched words disappear like the computer game Pac Man that ate stuff. Whole paragraphs disappeared when the computer locked. I had trouble printing a chapter — I thought I hadn’t written it well and tried to improve the writing. The trouble finally stopped when I realized it wasn’t in the writing — we had been given the present of a beautiful day. Lesson learned and REMEMBERED.


I thought SACRED SPACE was a limited time but I’m wondering if it is continuing. My grandson’s birthday is approaching as is the anniversary of my maternal grandmother’s birthday. Shopping with a friend yesterday, I found a dime laying by the trunk closure, not inside the trunk on the floor bed, but in the ridge of the weather striping.

I discovered a brand new mystery book by a favorite author at half price. I was unaware that she had a new book coming out. I found slippers that I thought were on sale for $7, for which I was charged $3 on my sales slip. I found a couple of presents for my grandchildren in the clearance section. Summer is approaching and their toys at the camper haven’t kept up with their age. Sitting waiting for a friend, an elderly woman sat down to rest next to me. She mentioned that she was just released from the hospital and being curious, I inquired to the reason. Learning that sugar was a factor, I shared our success with Dream Fields spaghetti helping to control my husband’s diabetes.

I KNOW that “my editors” are paying attention. So now I have a new question. Recently I have received many ideas to write about. Is my life getting busier and I’ll have less time to write? Or should I publish more often? Many questions — no immediate answers.


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