Random Acts of "Kindness"


An alarm went off at 6:15 this morning, waking me up. The interesting fact is the alarm was in my head, not an alarm clock or the radio. I’ve been having trouble sleeping all night. Members of our household have been waking me up at 3:00 AM and I have stayed awake for at least two hours before falling back to sleep. Last night I got to sleep off and on until 4:00. At 5:15 I was still awake and must have drifted off to sleep after that. WHY DID I HAVE TO GET UP AT 6:15? We didn’t have plans to go anywhere — no one unexpected or invited was coming to our house. Why did I have to get up?

I’ll admit that I have been receiving “help” from my friends in high places. I’m still trying to lose weight. I have already mentioned “their help” with my plans for breakfast when we were going out. They haven’t stopped there. I suppose it is my age but the weight is not falling off, instead it is giving me hugs and refusing to move. Recently I opened a 1996 Cooking Light book to an article on how strength training is of benefit to older people — 70 years to 90. The day before I read a magazine article on the same subject. I’m getting the message — I join Jane Fonda’s DVD once or twice a week to lift some weights. My weight, on the other hand, is still stuck.

My husband mentioned that when I danced to Richard Simmons I’ve lost weight. In desperation, I put a DVD on the machine and prepared to Party Off The Pounds. My note on that DVD said that I had only made it through the fourth dance the last time. That might have been the same this time except the phone rang and interrupted me for enough minutes that I was able to continue to the end. I still have all my pounds but I did get hungry.

The food that I’m logging and the exercise I’m doing is showing that I’m not eating all my exercise calories. I received an e-mail asking me if I thought I should eat the extra calories I’m working off or save them for an outing. Since I’m not melting the pounds, eating the extra calories doesn’t make too much sense. Something has to move this weight.

On another front — my mind or memory. I have been receiving messages to join Luminosity to help my brain. That probably would be a good thing if I would do it consistently but life gets busy and the best laid plans of mice and men fall by the wayside. I have much experience starting programs — some paid for and others free that have been forgotten within a short period of time. I received a message inviting me to try Fit Brain — it is free, up to a point. I must admit that I’m having fun, but I’m planning to stay at the free site. I won’t feel bad if life gets busy.

I probably should also state that the number of invitations to try various diet programs are increasing. If I could plan just my menus they might work, but including my husband sinks them before I start. I really don’t like preparing two separate meals. I’m stubborn, I’m not giving up — JUST YET.


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