Random Acts of "Kindness"


I have trouble coming up with titles. Two I thought of for this ramble were already used. I suppose I could just start numbering them, and stop naming them but what fun is that?

Once upon a time it was easy to buy presents for me. But that was once upon a time. Now when asked what I would like — I have no answer. I would like to have health — but that is not something that can be purchased. I would like energy — but caffeine doesn’t provide it, except it keeps me awake if I drink coffee too late, sometimes sugar has the same effect. I would like my body parts to work better, with less pain — but I really don’t want an operation. Of course, losing weight would help. What am I waiting for? I surely am not getting younger.

When I wrote our Christmas letter, I noted the amount of snow we had. I also noted the amount of rainy days in the summer. As I write this, it is still 2014. This ramble will publish after the new year. I don’t know what presents will come my way this year. Christmas hasn’t arrived yet. But I have already received quite a few presents.

Last Sunday I overslept. I normally go to the Mass at 7:30 when we are in town. It is hard to do when I wake after 7:00. Rather than rushing, I decided I would go to 9:00. During Mass, our pastor apologized for the coolness of the church. Evidently there were problems with the furnace but the heat was starting to come up. The early Mass was even colder. Many people were coughing in the church. I’m doing my best to try to stay healthy. I was glad that I overslept. Thank You!

One of my favorite hymns is Ave Maria. When I was young, I was in the church choir and we sang for weddings. That hymn was one we always sang. At the end of Mass, we were treated to a lovely rendition of Ave Maria, the cantor had a lovely voice. Thank you!

It has been many days since we have had sunshine in the city. We have been wrapped in a cloud cover that was so comfortable — it didn’t move. The weather reports showed photos from other places where the sun was shining. The number of sunless days were counted and announced but I guess I didn’t like the numbers — I didn’t write them down. Yesterday morning, I noticed a tiny bit of brightness when I took Robin for an early morning walk. I wished I had a camera so I could capture my own picture of the sky. By the time we reached home, the cloud cover had closed in. BUT at 9:00 A.M. I noticed blue skies. Our older daughter called to tell me the sun had returned. The noon weather report announced 203 minutes of sunshine. To celebrate, we took Robin to the dog beach. Wrapping the present, we had temperatures in the 50’s. Thank you!

Sometimes I don’t notice the gifts that come my way. I’m too busy and take things for granted. Shopping recently, I searched for plastic cookie tins without success. I asked a person working in the department and he knew exactly where the LAST set was located. Often when I ask for help, it is provided by employees of the store or a fellow shopper walking by. I seem to be shrinking and not able to reach the top shelves in the stores.

As the new year progresses, I wish you health. May you be aware of the many gifts that come your way that can not be purchased.


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