Random Acts of "Kindness"


Time is flying by too quickly. All of a sudden it is Christmas and time to write my yearly letter to send with our Christmas Cards. Sadly my mind is blank — I could have reread some of my thought rambles for the year to refresh my memory but I didn’t. It would have been to tempting to copy and paste — not write a personal letter. Instead I pulled out my Inner Reflections calendar for help. I was reminded of the challenging year that we had weather wise — more than 81 inches of snow, 20 days of subzero temperature, 10 days of rain. The weather breaking all records. And this year weather wise continues the pattern — clouds — no sun — for how many days now?

I was reminded that God is in charge of my life. I make plans and God laughs. Before a trip, we took our car in for an oil change and learned that another part needed to be replaced for safety. I planned to celebrate my birthday in the country, but the weather forecast — damp, cold — changed that plan. Instead we were in town. I walked over to the grocery store and learned they were giving out flu shots. When I asked if the nurse had the senior high dose, I learned she had brought two with her. Just enough for my husband and I. We got updated pneumonia shots too. I recently learned that the flu shots this year were not as effective — the virus had mutated. We just returned from visiting our grandchildren. Before we left, our grandson showed flu symptoms. So far my husband and I are healthy. Did the senior high dose protect us? Good question — but it was a lovely birthday present.

Our plans to celebrate Christmas have been changed because of health. Hopefully health and weather will cooperate for our new date. On a walk back home, I wondered why my cookie making plans last year were derailed. I finally remembered the day spent in the emergency wing of a hospital worried about my husband’s health.

A couple of weeks ago, an ambulance stopped across from our house in the middle of the night. I recognize the people across the street but not well enough to ring a door bell. I recognized the woman’s name on the prayer list at church. I asked another neighbor if he knew what was wrong. He didn’t have any answers. This morning, walking our dog who needed a longer walk, I walked past her house. As I passed, she came out to get her newspaper and I was able to speak to her. Breathing problems kept her in the hospital for four weeks.

This year I have more friends in “high places.” Some were expected, some were untimely accidents. Losing friends is ALWAYS hard — even though I know they are happy in their “new home.”

My weight is still too high, treasures (?) are still hiding in our house waiting to be uncovered. I’m reminded daily — THANKFULLY, GOD IS IN CHARGE!


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