Random Acts of "Kindness"


In my writing, I try to protect the privacy of the persons who are included in my rambles — except for today. A very good friend of mine has passed to the other side. We met more than 25 years ago. Our company had merged with another, instead of traveling 10 minutes from home — I now had to drive over twenty miles, one way each day. I did the billing at our company — a job I retained when we moved. Dorothy was customer service. The welfare of her customers was first and foremost in her mind. We clashed — my ways and her ways DID NOT MESH! Dorothy was stubborn — so was I. From the clashes evolved a great friendship. When our company closed in 1991, we remained friends. We continued to talk on the phone, and go out to eat on a regular basis. She liked Chinese food — her daughter didn’t. I like Chinese food — my husband doesn’t. I drove our car to her house, but I HAD TO DRIVE her car wherever we were going. She was determined and for a change I gave in. We often picked up another working companion and then met a fourth. The four of us continued to get together for many years.

And the years passed and we aged. Dorothy and I got together in May of this year — visiting at her home instead of going out to eat. And I knew it would be the last time I would see her. Soon after, she had trouble breathing and was rushed to the hospital. Event followed event. When she was first hospitalized, she was in intensive care and I was unable to visit. Summer arrived which was very busy in our household, Dorothy was transferred to a nursing home but I was unable to visit. Her daughter provided me with updates about her condition. I bought a sympathy card in case I was unable to attend the services. It traveled with me all summer. Then fall arrived and the phone call I had been expecting arrived.

I knew I would only know Dorothy’s daughter and sons but I also knew I was going to the service and would stay for the prayers. I saw Dorothy’s daughter before I even entered the building. Dorothy’s illness has been hard on her, she has shrunk in size. When I entered the building, I saw a friend of Dorothy’s that she knew since childhood. She had joined us for several meals in various places. I thought she was a cousin but learned that the friend’s mother welcomed Dorothy who didn’t have any brothers or sisters into her own brood of six. Many of Dorothy’s friends dated back to childhood, or school, or early married life. When Dorothy made a friend, she developed and kept the friendship. Her oldest son shared a story of Dorothy’s trip to Greece. She had a heart attack and was hospitalized. Her son’s flew over to bring her home. Dorothy retained the friend ship she made in Greece until she passed.

I didn’t plan to stop to eat. But when I said goodbye to daughter and son’s, I was told that Dorothy would have wanted me to stop to eat. And I knew what they said was true. So I gave in.

I wore a pin to the service of four females representing the four who worked together. One is in Texas, one is in a senior assisted living home, Dorothy has passed over and I continue doing the best I can. The pin stayed somewhere along my route yesterday.

Dorothy often accompanied her daughter to Las Vegas or attended the various casinos in our area. She won a thousand dollars at an opening recently. This morning, I found my husband’s poker game floating in our toilet. I left him a note that the game was depressed, so it went for a swim. I fished it out and now it is surrounded by rice — hopefully it will work once it dries out. ?? What more can I say. Dorothy crossed over at the young age of 88 — WELCOME HOME. Have you joined my team in high places? Thankfully I KNOW you are there!


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