Random Acts of "Kindness"


I like pockets that securely close in my jackets and coats. I like to leave my purse at home and wander — stores, the Garden, museums, even the zoo. If the pocket isn’t deep enough, things have a way of leaving. I have been searching for a new winter coat for a while with no luck — the pockets weren’t deep enough, didn’t close securely or where limited.

Wednesday I went shopping with a friend. We have a routine — first we stop for breakfast, then go to Wal-Mart, next we linger over lunch before finishing our shopping at a food store. Wednesday proceeded on schedule.

Breakfast was delicious, the sun came out while we were driving to Wal-Mart. I found everything on my list plus a few more. We stopped for lunch. The restaurant was very busy but I found a parking space and we found a table. Time passed and we headed for the food store. Our freezer is still very full so I limited my purchases. Standing in line, I COULD NOT FIND MY CHANGE PURSE which holds not only money but my driver license and credit cards. My purse has quite a few pockets, which I searched without success. I knew I had the change purse when we stopped for lunch. The lines were VERY LONG. I really didn’t want to get out and return to the restaurant but I had no choice. Before I got out of line, I searched the pockets on my jacket and FOUND the missing purse. Absent mindedly, I had put it in the breast pocket of my jacket where I keep my cell phone. That is where I keep it when I’m traveling without a purse.

I dropped my friend off at her house, then proceeded to Costco where I needed to pick up a prescription. When I entered the store, my attention was drawn to a table which held a number of hooded coats. Still searching for a coat with pockets, and recently reminded of their importance, I stopped to check out the coats. I was very pleased with what I found — two zippered breast pockets, two deep pockets that snapped, a pocket on the sleeve and an inside pocket. Now I just needed one in my size. I searched the dark brown stack unsuccessfully, but the lighter beige stack had quite a few in my size. I must admit that the sleeves were a little tight. I’ll have to wear thinner sweaters until I loose some weight. Walking Robin the next morning, I realized that the lighter coat was better for me. I’m often walking Robin in the morning before the sun is up or in the evening when it is getting dark. The lighter coat will make it easier for people to see me.

That would be the end of this ramble — except I had to return to Costco to pick up another prescription on Friday. The stacks of coats were GONE. Luckily I had mine. I talked to an employee that I know. She mentioned that she almost took her life on Tuesday — a knife was on her counter that she was going to use on herself. Not depressed — no reason for the impulse. She heard God tell her to get out of the house, visit a friend. Which she did. I DON’T HEAR GOD TALK TO ME but I’m glad she heard Him. I told her about the Holy Card I have of a prayer to Archangel Michael to guard against evil. She asked if I had another. Saturday I was back at Costco, to deliver the prayer card.


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