Random Acts of "Kindness"


When I told my husband what I noticed that morning, he responded: “that’s weird.” And I guess it was. But to me it seemed a normal part of my life. I have to admit that one plus one didn’t make two right away. I opened the bible in the morning to a verse in Ezekiel which detailed the interior of the temple. Then I did a morning meditation which focused on how the parts of my body felt. I didn’t connect the dots until I was writing the bible reading in my daily calendar book. That is when I recognized I was being alerted to the subject of the meditation. One plus one equaled two.

This connection doesn’t happen all the time but it is not unusual for me either. I’ll open the bible in the morning and the verse will be the same verse at Mass that day or the next. For me this is normal — not unusual. I don’t know how long this has been a part of my life. I suppose it is like learning to walk. When you begin you struggle to find your balance, place one foot in front of the other but in time, not only are you walking, but you might be running as well.

I used to run rather fast. That was in days past — when I was younger and weighed less. My knees didn’t hurt nor did my hips. I remember racing the buses on the main street where lived — bus on the street, me on the sidewalk. Sadly those days are long gone. When I’m stuck in the negative — focusing on all the abilities I no longer have — I see someone who is more challenged than myself — in a walker, using a cane or in a wheel chair.

I used to be unaware of the “help” I receive on a regular basis. We just celebrated Fall Festival at our campground. This year was chilly — I remembered the year that was warm. That was the year I was instrumental in helping to save my neighbors life — more than 20 years ago. One and one made two and my life has never been the same since. My father was still alive so it must have been help from my mother, but I was unaware. For years after that experience, whenever I told the story, goose bumps covered my arms.

If you are just discovering that there is “help” from the other side. WELCOME — enjoy the journey. If one plus one is only totaling one — give yourself a break. It took me a long time before I reached this point in my life but then I have a job — to help you become more aware. And I have to have something new to write about.


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