Random Acts of "Kindness"


Yesterday was a lovely, sunny day — a transitional day, before the rain and the falling temperatures. After all it is Fall. This morning, as promised the rain has arrived. Robin jumped onto our bed at 6 AM. She has been sleeping all by herself in the back bedroom. I thought she really had to go out and walked downstairs, opened the door to the rain. She didn’t even stick her nose out. I started the morning coffee and returned upstairs to get dressed.

Once I had a raincoat on, we went for a walk. Luckily the rain was light. I saw a few of my neighbors and got some early morning exercise. And I thought of our service dog. She likes to go for walks, meet other dogs — play, chase squirrels and bark to get them to come down and play. The squirrels don’t accept her invitation. She loves to run — run depending on who is walking her. SHE DOES NOT LIKE to do her business in the back yard — to boring — no one to play with. She will do her business in the middle of the night if she has to go. The daily walks give us exercise, we see our neighbors and of course, meet many dogs.

Yesterday I heard a new noise outside. So did Robin. It sounded like someone had a new instrument and was learn to play — a tuba. Robin DID NOT LIKE IT! She is not normally a barker, she doesn’t use her voice regularly unless she wants something — a squirrel to come down and play or announce the arrival of someone on our porch. SHE USED HER VOICE — many different ranges of her voice. I don’t think she was trying to sing — maybe the sound hurt her ears and she wanted them to stop. They didn’t — neither did she. Whether or not she was inside the house, outside the house — it didn’t matter.

Yesterday, when my husband called the garage to schedule an oil change, he was asked to come in tomorrow — they were very busy. Yesterday was sunny, a beautiful day. Today is RAINY — thankfully not the heavy rains of the last two storms. A lighter rain, but it still tied up the traffic. Normally the drive to the garage from our house takes five minutes or less. I didn’t count today. I turned on the radio and listened to the end of an up beat South American song. Followed by Noah arguing with God about the animals on the Ark. Two male Rhino, “Lord change them! A pregnant elephant, without delivery instructions.” More interesting discussion — then the thunder. I knew who won and I didn’t mind the longer drive. To finish my morning serenade the verse of a song ” You belong to me, I belong to you” Enough said! THANK YOU!


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