Random Acts of "Kindness"


It was a wild night. Thankfully we were home, not in the country. It didn’t sound like it would be a bad storm. I didn’t prepare for water in the basement — take up the throw rugs, check for cartons of pop on the floor. The rain came down so fast, it overpowered the city’s drainage system and water backed up into our basement. The rain didn’t last long, neither did the water — it came in, deposited a lot of dirt and left. I was surprised when I went down into the basement, I saw ripples of black dirt everywhere– but no water. I was puzzled by the dirt but it didn’t take long before I understood what had happened. It took longer to clean up the basement — dry out the throw rugs — dry out the floor. Thankfully most things stored are not right on the floor. But it would have been much worse if we had been gone for a few days.

We had been in the country until Friday. We were in the city because our youngest daughter had asked us to watch our grandchildren for the weekend. Our part of the country had many storms that night and some tornadoes. A severe storm hit our campground in the country. If it wasn’t for watching our grandchildren we would have been in the country to experience it. I’m so thankful we missed it. The entrance to the camp ground winds through a patch of evergreens. 35 trees were down in the entrance way. The number of trees felled by the storm is estimated to be between 2 – 3 hundred. Considering the severity of the damage, no person was injured. Quite a few trailers were destroyed, a couple of cars were damaged as well as porches and sheds. Many roads were blocked, as well as the trails. The swings and climbing tower of a playground vanished.

So much storm damage occurred in our region, the storm hitting our campground didn’t make the news. They think it was a micro-burst. In a neighboring town it took three weeks to remove all the downed trees. We learned that security phoned everyone who had major damage. We didn’t receive any phone calls — from security or any of our friends. Our summer has been very busy. We were expecting family from Florida, our granddaughter, mate and great grand daughter were coming for a two week visit. We were preparing for a crawling child in the house again. We didn’t have a chance to go to the country before they arrived. We weren’t aware that the storm had hit the campground until we pulled into the entrance and saw piles of cut trees everywhere. The storm pruned some of the dead branches but we had no severe damage on our lots. The work to remove the downed trees from the campground will continue into the Fall.


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