Random Acts of "Kindness"


“Pay ATTENTION! You are missing messages. How can we help you if you don’t pay attention.”

I didn’t hear those words but it wouldn’t surprise me if I did. Messages to that effect have floated in the breeze. I didn’t pay attention or I didn’t understand. Either way, I screwed up.

I was wondering why my weight has risen. Looking back at the past 6 months I can see a couple of reasons: WINTER — stuck inside, snow, cold, and not feeling well; STRESS, followed by depression. I don’t know if those are good reasons but that seems to be one of the causes.

So I’m battling back. Trying to pay attention — fireworks in the night weeks before the fourth. Robin DOESN’T LIKE LOUD NOISES. She was cringing by the side of our bed, trying to get into the closet when the bangs started. I knew we were in for trouble. She DID NOT want to go out for her nighttime walk. She stuck to my husband’s heel like glue.

The fourth was approaching. We would be in town. It would be LOUD! We tried to be prepared. I bought a thunder shirt — supposedly it works in thunderstorms and other stressful times. We got medicine from the vet. I took her for a walk before the sun went down. I fed her an early supper. The medication was strong. We took the thunder shirt off. I cleared a space in my closet with my husband’s shirt on the floor. Since I closed our bedroom door, she didn’t have many options. The medicine affected her back legs and I didn’t want her to get injured. The next night I cut the pill in half, thankfully rain kept the noise down.

Trying to pay attention: I wanted to make a left turn coming out of the mall — to go to the expressway. The traffic from the south didn’t let up — I could easily make a right and take the streets home. I gave in — turned right, and when I passed over the expressway, The cars below were bumper to bumper. Thank You!

I tried to turn off my cell phone. It WOULDN’T! Frustrated I kept trying. Before I succeeded, a phone call came through from my friend’s daughter updating me on her current health challenge. Thank You!

Grandchildren, fourth of July and other reasons dictated that we stay in the city instead of the country, we were home when the heavy rain brought water into our basement. Since we were home, vacuum cleaner, mops and clean water — then fans dried out the basement preventing more problems. Thank you!

My weight and the heat caused a heat rash that lasted for days — very uncomfortable. Nothing I tried really helped. Thankfully it is better now. I got the message — LOUD AND CLEAR — lose weight. I’m trying.

Hopefully I will be able to keep the stress down. Hopefully I will pay attention!


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