Random Acts of "Kindness"


Okay, I’ll admit it. I’m a WORRY WART. Years ago, I received a thought ramble — the subject was riding with God on a tandem bicycle. He was doing the driving, I was the passenger. Which sounds terrific and I TRY. I just DON’T ALWAYS SUCCEED. Especially right now.

We were driving home from the camper, stuck in the car for two hours with no place to escape. My husband asked a question about finances to which I had no answer. I did not have my records or a pencil and paper. I COULD NOT run the numbers to see how badly we were drowning. I tried desperately to put the question out of my mind. Evidently I didn’t succeed because I’m still stressed.

Three days in a row I have been told to pray: “Thy will be done through me, Thy will and not mine be done.” And I try. I’m reminded that I’m unique, I have a job to do that no one else does. And I’ll agree — but I still try to put my hands on the bike and drive. I’m reminded that I’m always safe and secure and free to be. I’m grateful — especially when my foot slips and I regain my footing and don’t do a head first fall down the stairs. I did say “thank you.” THANKFULLY I HAVE “FRIENDS IN HIGH PLACES” I definitely need their help — always but especially when I’m stressed.

I have tried tea. I have tried various vitamins. I have taken pencil to paper and realized there is no reason to panic. I’ll admit that I have various insect bites that are not helping. I’m sure the stuff I’m putting on them isn’t able to do the job since I’m so stressed. It doesn’t help that I don’t like the numbers on the scale. It doesn’t help that I’m overtired. It doesn’t help that I meet myself coming and going. Don’t I realize that I have AGED? I’m not willing to accept that fact. I have many friends who are in their eighties. I want to be like them — with energy.

At the camper — at the pool, I recognized a woman’s face but couldn’t place her. When I told her she looked familiar, and heard her story, I realized I knew her husband better. He recently passed at the age of 95. She is in mourning. I tried to share stories but she isn’t ready to hear them. Is she ready to notice that he is around to help if needed. Good question — no answer.

Just the other day, washing many loads of clothes when we returned home, all the hangers fell down to the floor. While picking them up — I noticed the treat I left for unwelcome visitors in our basement was empty. Time to put down a new one. And I said ” thank you” instead of grumbling about the hangers all over the floor. I’m very thankful for the help I get from my friends in high places.

Do you notice yours?


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