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“Pay ATTENTION! You are missing messages. How can we help you if you don’t pay attention.”

I didn’t hear those words but it wouldn’t surprise me if I did. Messages to that effect have floated in the breeze. I didn’t pay attention or I didn’t understand. Either way, I screwed up.

I was wondering why my weight has risen. Looking back at the past 6 months I can see a couple of reasons: WINTER — stuck inside, snow, cold, and not feeling well; STRESS, followed by depression. I don’t know if those are good reasons but that seems to be one of the causes.

So I’m battling back. Trying to pay attention — fireworks in the night weeks before the fourth. Robin DOESN’T LIKE LOUD NOISES. She was cringing by the side of our bed, trying to get into the closet when the bangs started. I knew we were in for trouble. She DID NOT want to go out for her nighttime walk. She stuck to my husband’s heel like glue.

The fourth was approaching. We would be in town. It would be LOUD! We tried to be prepared. I bought a thunder shirt — supposedly it works in thunderstorms and other stressful times. We got medicine from the vet. I took her for a walk before the sun went down. I fed her an early supper. The medication was strong. We took the thunder shirt off. I cleared a space in my closet with my husband’s shirt on the floor. Since I closed our bedroom door, she didn’t have many options. The medicine affected her back legs and I didn’t want her to get injured. The next night I cut the pill in half, thankfully rain kept the noise down.

Trying to pay attention: I wanted to make a left turn coming out of the mall — to go to the expressway. The traffic from the south didn’t let up — I could easily make a right and take the streets home. I gave in — turned right, and when I passed over the expressway, The cars below were bumper to bumper. Thank You!

I tried to turn off my cell phone. It WOULDN’T! Frustrated I kept trying. Before I succeeded, a phone call came through from my friend’s daughter updating me on her current health challenge. Thank You!

Grandchildren, fourth of July and other reasons dictated that we stay in the city instead of the country, we were home when the heavy rain brought water into our basement. Since we were home, vacuum cleaner, mops and clean water — then fans dried out the basement preventing more problems. Thank you!

My weight and the heat caused a heat rash that lasted for days — very uncomfortable. Nothing I tried really helped. Thankfully it is better now. I got the message — LOUD AND CLEAR — lose weight. I’m trying.

Hopefully I will be able to keep the stress down. Hopefully I will pay attention!


Okay, I’ll admit it. I’m a WORRY WART. Years ago, I received a thought ramble — the subject was riding with God on a tandem bicycle. He was doing the driving, I was the passenger. Which sounds terrific and I TRY. I just DON’T ALWAYS SUCCEED. Especially right now.

We were driving home from the camper, stuck in the car for two hours with no place to escape. My husband asked a question about finances to which I had no answer. I did not have my records or a pencil and paper. I COULD NOT run the numbers to see how badly we were drowning. I tried desperately to put the question out of my mind. Evidently I didn’t succeed because I’m still stressed.

Three days in a row I have been told to pray: “Thy will be done through me, Thy will and not mine be done.” And I try. I’m reminded that I’m unique, I have a job to do that no one else does. And I’ll agree — but I still try to put my hands on the bike and drive. I’m reminded that I’m always safe and secure and free to be. I’m grateful — especially when my foot slips and I regain my footing and don’t do a head first fall down the stairs. I did say “thank you.” THANKFULLY I HAVE “FRIENDS IN HIGH PLACES” I definitely need their help — always but especially when I’m stressed.

I have tried tea. I have tried various vitamins. I have taken pencil to paper and realized there is no reason to panic. I’ll admit that I have various insect bites that are not helping. I’m sure the stuff I’m putting on them isn’t able to do the job since I’m so stressed. It doesn’t help that I don’t like the numbers on the scale. It doesn’t help that I’m overtired. It doesn’t help that I meet myself coming and going. Don’t I realize that I have AGED? I’m not willing to accept that fact. I have many friends who are in their eighties. I want to be like them — with energy.

At the camper — at the pool, I recognized a woman’s face but couldn’t place her. When I told her she looked familiar, and heard her story, I realized I knew her husband better. He recently passed at the age of 95. She is in mourning. I tried to share stories but she isn’t ready to hear them. Is she ready to notice that he is around to help if needed. Good question — no answer.

Just the other day, washing many loads of clothes when we returned home, all the hangers fell down to the floor. While picking them up — I noticed the treat I left for unwelcome visitors in our basement was empty. Time to put down a new one. And I said ” thank you” instead of grumbling about the hangers all over the floor. I’m very thankful for the help I get from my friends in high places.

Do you notice yours?


When I was in second or third grade, many, many years ago I experienced chiggers for the first time. I wish I could say it was the last time.

I was staying with my maternal grandmother in Wisconsin for the summer and we hiked to pick gooseberries. I remember we had rags around our ankles to discourage insect bites. It DIDN’T WORK!
Because of the fire when I was four, my skin was very sensitive and I had to avoid the sunshine or make sure that long sleeve shirts and pants protected the scarred areas of my body. The chiggers didn’t know I had skin issues. They avoided the deterrent and feasted. I don’t know what areas of my body were invaded. I don’t remember what was used to stop the itch — possibly ammonia. I remember it itched, and hurt and my father was furious.

So why am I going on and on about something that occurred more than 50 years ago. Maybe 60 but who is counting? BECAUSE I WAS REINTRODUCED TO THE AGGREVATING INSECTS THIS SUMMER. I had no idea what had attacked my body. I just knew I had more than eleven bites and they itched. NOTHING I put on them stopped the itch. I had no idea what had happened, or where the bites came from. We had just arrived at our daughters in Central Illinois when I noticed I had a PROBLEM. I raided her shelves for itch stopping stuff with no success. For some reason that night I remembered my battle with chiggers when I was young and wondered what we put on it but one and one DID NOT make two.

Saturday morning I remembered the apothecary in my daughter’s town and stopped in for a visit. When I explained my problem, I learned not only that it was chiggers but a remedy to stop the itch was available. The remedy was EXTREMELY IMPORTANT since we had come to watch our granddaughter in a dancing recital that would last more than two hours. The person at the apothecary didn’t have the stuff but she suggested Wal-Mart would have the chigger aid. Thankfully they did. Even though the directions said to put it on every three to four hours, I ignored the directions and was able to enjoy my granddaughter’s dance.

I learned that chiggers crawl up to the spot on the body were there is a band. That explained the 11 plus bites on the right side of my butt.

I had walked Robin at a rest area on our trip south and met the hungry insects. Hopefully I will not have that pleasure(?) again.

Because of our harsh winter, many bugs have had an explosion in population. Gnats were EVERYWHERE at our daughters. SADLY gnats were everywhere at the camper too. My husband sprayed the yard and deck with an insect spray. It didn’t help. While walking Robin I got gnats in my mouth, ears and hair. THEY BITE TOO. I read that apple cider vinegar traps them. I put bowls of it on our deck. I read that softener sheets repels them. I rubbed sheets all over my face and hair when I went outside and stuffed a few in strategic places. Did it help? I’m not sure, but I tried.

I still got a few bites that are still itching. Gnats or mosquitoes? I don’t know but evidently I’m a target for biting insects. I really don’t want to put on insect repellant when I get up. I’ve read that drinking apple cider vinegar helps. I don’t know how much needs to be ingested or if I’m drinking enough to help. Sadly I had stopped my morning and evening tablespoon before our trip. IT IS BACK ON MY SCHEDULE!


Following is an email I sent to family and a few friends after I was surprised by my brother. He passed over with my mother 60 years ago when he was two. A few years ago I decided that the “friend” who hits me on the head is my brother. Isn’t that how brother’s show love to their sisters? ” My friends in high places” often “help” me with my writing. Today is no exception.

“I have NO ENERGY TODAY! In order to accomplish something, I wrote two blogs. One titled GLASSES, the second SUNSHINE!

I was reading the preview of SUNSHINE on the blog’s finished page when in the MIDDLE, Sunshine disappeared to be REPLACED by GOOD IDEA which was published in AUGUST of 2013.

I probably should mention that today is my brother Terry’s birthday. Good Idea concerned the Fast Metabolism diet that I successfully lost weight on. Sadly the weight is back and my attempts to restart the food plan have not been successful. Looks like I should be a little more serious about it. After all, I have “friends in high places” who watch out for me.

There is no way I can explain today’s happening. I did wish my brother, Terry, a happy birthday this morning.”

I can not explain most of the things that occur unexplained in my life. All I can do is share the stories. If you can profit by my experience so much the better but don’t get discouraged. Remember I have had experiences for most of my life. For many years I was unaware of the “help” I was receiving. My mother was EXTREMELY GOOD at working behind the scenes and my brother probably followed suite. I didn’t start to become more aware until I REALLY NEEDED THEIR HELP when my father had Alzheimer’s disease. He passed over more than 19 years ago and my life became really more interesting after that.

Although I’m writing this on Memorial weekend which coincides with my brother’s birthday this year, it won’t publish until after my mother’s birthday. For years I didn’t know the dates of either of their birthdays. I didn’t know the date of the fire either. Facts were hidden from me.

I’d thought of taking the summer off, putting the blog on summer vacation. Evidently that is not in their plans for me. But I’m receiving idea’s so I can schedule rambles to publish while we are busy with other things. If life becomes really interesting, as it often does — I’m sure I will be inspired to put more ideas in print.

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