Random Acts of "Kindness"


I know that I’m not alone. Almost everyone that I speak to is in the same boat — too much snow — too much below zero temperatures — too much gray skies — too much — too much.

We have a four foot mountain of snow in our backyard. I climbed to the top the other day when I noticed that the cold temperatures had frozen it. Robin — all 25 pounds– enjoyed climbing to the top. I weigh more than 25 pounds, but the frozen temperatures made it possible for me too.

The Body, Mind, Spirit Exp. was this past weekend. Normally I really enjoy arriving early and staying late. Sadly, not this year. Snow — changed my plans — forecast starting Saturday afternoon. Not just a dusting but a formidable amount. AGAIN! I went to the Exp. on Saturday, visited with a couple of vendors, attended two workshops and headed home before the snow started. I did not want to be on the tollway and expressway in icy conditions. NOT THE DAY I HAD PLANNED. I suppose I could have ventured forth on Sunday, but after dealing with five inches of snow I really wasn’t up to it.

I stayed home and made bread pudding instead. I haven’t made bread pudding in years. COMFORT FOOD from my childhood. My husband has never eaten it, and not about to start now. More for me! I also found a coffee grinder and ground coffee beans that my daughter brought home from Costa Rica many years ago.

I know my friends in high places are around. Helping out when they can. A woman at the Exp. on Saturday shared how she is able to walk in the ice and snow. “MARCH”, she told me. “I have Parkinson’s and marching plants my feet firmly on the ground.”

Recently I opened the bible to Jeremiah 10:23. “You know O Lord, that man is not master of his ways; Man’s course is not within his choice nor is it for him to direct his step.”

That day I wandered to Costco. We actually had warmer temperatures, sunshine and blue skies. While I was talking to a friend, a worker in the delicatessen showed me cheese that was on sale. Cheese is not on my food plan right now, but it is Lent — no meat on Fridays. Cheese with nuts and cranberries came home with me. I found a book “Jesus Calling” which now includes a journal. After many trips to the store, the smaller book is now in my possession. I decided I could use my own notebook if I wanted to comment on the day’s writing, not buy the new one.

After all it is LENT, and I’m searching. I would have gone to church on Ash Wednesday, but we had more snow. I was going to walk — then I realized that ice is hiding under the snow. And I wonder why I’m depressed — feel blocked.

When I was at Costco I also found a new book by Dr. Wayne Dyer: “I Can See Clearly Now.” I have a habit of opening a book to a page at random to see if it speaks to me — it did. I don’t know if I will gain new knowledge. It might be another nudge — write — write –share! Even if you are grumbling about the weather.

Over the years, I often write down things that impress me on any piece of paper at hand. I recently found this, I don’t know the source — “A whisper — A Pebble — A knock on the head — When God wants your attention. ” Should I admit that I bumped my head hard enough this morning to almost knock myself out?

I watched Dr. Wayne Dyer’s new program this morning, he commented during a pledge break that his writing has helped many people, even saved a man’s life. I don’t think that I will ever write 40 books or be as successful as Dr. Dyer, but if my writing helps others to know that they are not alone — these rambles have served a purpose.

Just a Note: I released “Drips” to publish on 3/30. It was written on my father’s birthday — we had visited the Swedish Museum. Unplanned — Drips posted on my paternal grandmother’s birthday –she was born in Sweden.


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