Random Acts of "Kindness"


I’M READY TO BE WELL! I’m tired of this cough, being sick! I’m tired of this cold weather and snow and Ice! I’m ready to be out and about if only this cough would go away.

I read that people who were active — outside, exposed to the elements would be healthier. Until I came down with the flu, I walked Robin, our dog, a couple of times a day. I was outside shoveling snow or sweeping the snow off of the stairs. Taking precautions, I got a flu shot in October. I GOT SICK ANYWAY! I was told that the flu would have been worse without the shot.

Okay so I’m grousing and grumbling. I’m still coughing like a fool. The weather forecast is more of the same — snow then falling temperatures, another cold snap, well below zero. The cold is descending to the warmer areas of the United States — 33 degrees in Miami. Their houses are not equipped for this type of cold — neither are their bodies.

So why am I amazed? Stuck in the house, staying on the second floor because it is warmer and I need for this cough to leave — I’ve been going through stuff. Revisiting some of my past life — raising children, working, square dancing, writing, storytelling. SO MUCH STUFF and so much that I’m not ready to part with. OKAY, SO I’M A PACK RAT.

So why am I amazed? Last night I found an old e-mail — sent to one of my daughters more than ten years ago. In it, I wrote that a friend told me my words would be going around the world. Of course, I didn’t necessarily believe her but then I received an e-mail from a distant cousin in Sweden, wanting to read To Pap, with Love. My words going around the world.

Now I’m sharing thought rambles with you. And I have learned that through the internet they reach to Canada, London and points beyond. My friend 10 years ago was right — my words are reaching around the world. AND I’M AMAZED!

Look at all the fun I’m having stuck inside — I can’t wait till I’m free to wander again!


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