Random Acts of "Kindness"


I read that the members of our family are specially chosen for us by God. That is something I believe. I also think that is not limited to the members of our family. I think it includes our friends and pets.

In November our son took a day off from work. My husband invited him to go to Paws and look for a dog to adopt. I was invited too but I was already involved in something and didn’t want to stop. They found two dogs but couldn’t bring them home because I wasn’t there to agree.

I woke in the early morning, trying to accept the idea of not one but two new dogs. I looked at all the changes that they would bring to my life. Would I be able to exercise? Would we be able to travel? The questions kept me awake for hours. When my husband got up, he had changed his mind. Spending all that time and not coming home with a dog, he was done. I pressed the issue. I wanted to meet the dogs that had kept me a wake half the night.

We had talked about getting an older dog. Robin was only a year old. Although we have had Shepherds, an Irish Setter and a Labrador, I wanted a smaller dog, one I could pick up if necessary. Robin was only 25 lbs., slight of built with a border collie body. I hoped for a dog that didn’t need to use its voice a lot.

Even though she was young, she seemed ideal. She immediately made herself at home. And we quickly learned the excitement and challenges we were in for. She runs like the wind, turns on a dime and has energy to spare. Her second trip into the back yard, I saw her trying to squeeze through the fence into our neighbors yard. That would never do! Luckily we had a plastic fence we could attach to the wrought iron fence to stop her plans.

She must have springs in her legs because she jumps from the floor onto the top of our dining room table with no hesitation. She also jumps into our laps to give hugs or wants to snuggle. We are using fences again to block off the stairs or pantry. Toys are all over the house again. I try not to leave anything edible within her reach when we leave the house. She shares her energy with all of us. My husband might be her favorite, but whenever she comes in from a walk, she has to check that we are all present and accounted for.

Her curiosity is unlimited. I would compare her to a nosy neighbor, who has to know everything that is going on. What am I cooking? What is in the bag? Where are we going?

Last night I left my dinner unattended and she finished it for me. This morning I opened the curtains so she could watch my son leave for work. When I came back downstairs I saw her sitting on top of the radiator, watching the world go by. That will never do! The radiator is covered, but I’m afraid with her speed she will break the window and get hurt. The three things I have tried have not succeeded but I’m not giving up.

The learning and challenges continue. She has only been with us less than three months. She starts obedience training tonight with my husband and son. I would love to go but have not recovered from the flu.


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