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I’ve mentioned that I even though I received a flu shot, I got the flu. I was told that it is often gone in seven days. I’m on day 10 and it is getting better but it is not gone. I’ve been very strict with myself. I love to be busy, to be out and running about. I DISLIKE BEING SICK! Because I want this congestion to leave NOW, I’ve been spending most of my time — head down, feet up — lying on the bed, sleeping through daytime television.

After a while, it is hard to maintain a positive attitude. Will this ever end? Will I get my energy back? When can I go out? And my chin heads for the ground and scraps. But I have “friends in high places” that love to “help.” Recently I saw Tony Benefit on television who is still singing at the age of 87. He stated that he had no plans to retire. I watched Queen Latifah. Betty White was a guest. She is 92 and is still working and enjoying it. An elder painter, Ken Delmar was also a guest. He tried for years to get his painting accepted. Recently he discovered that the colors on paper towels were brilliant. His paper towel paintings are selling for $1800 to $10,000. His recipe for success — ” you can’t chase it, relax, do your thing and pray.”

I have a way to go before I hit my eighties. This year my age seems very old but then I don’t feel well. But if I get my weight down and my energy up , the world will be my oyster. I’m thinking positive.

So I’m using my down time well, writing a few thought rambles. Subject matter given to me by “my friends.” I don’t know if that means my life will be extremely busy when I get my energy back. I have started exercising — just stretches and yoga. Then I take a nap — I earned it.


When I think of genetics, I think of chromosomes and DNA. Who did I get my hair color from? Who in my family had blue eyes? We inherit many more things from our ancestors than hair color, height, and skin color. In recent years we have learned that being susceptible to cancer or heart disease is also in our genes.

I knew that one of my uncles was a talented painter, and then learned that a relative in Sweden also was an accomplished painter. I received a chapter of a book written by my great-grandfather. He was also interested in healing herbs. When I published my first book, I learned that a cousin (who I’ve never met) is an accomplished writer. More than health and talents are inherited.

The years pass, and I admitted to myself that I walk to a different drummer. When I was young, anyone with psychic talents was suspected of being unbalanced or touched in the head. I don’t know what talents I had when I was young. If I heard voices in my head, I probably told them to shut up! It wasn’t safe to be different. As a result, “my friends” in high places nor God speak to me.

As the years passed, I shared with my family the unusual things that happen to me. Being psychic is no longer unsafe. My children have different talents that they have accepted. I’m not sure which side of my family they come from — father, mother — maybe both. And is it important?

So why am I going on and on about this? I asked my daughter if I could share a conversation she had with God. He woke her up from a sound sleep to speak to her.

She was going through a rough spell. Words were flying back and forth, hurtful words that she couldn’t shed. The rough water continued for days, spilled into the next week. She felt like she was drowning. She could not start each day fresh. She was carrying all the darts and arrows and pain with her. They were not only affecting her mood but also her health. After many days in turmoil, in the middle of the night she was awakened by God. The conversation lasted a few minutes. She shared the important part — He told her that when He forgives, it is all forgiven, all washed away, nothing remains. She needs to follow His example. She needs to forgive the same way — completely!

I will admit that as far as I can remember I haven’t had a conversation with God. I know it has happened to others, just not to me — yet. But I thought her conversation needed to be shared. How often do you forgive but hold onto a piece to remember? Can we forgive completely? My daughter’s conversation with God helped her. Will it help you?

Happy Valentines day!


I read that the members of our family are specially chosen for us by God. That is something I believe. I also think that is not limited to the members of our family. I think it includes our friends and pets.

In November our son took a day off from work. My husband invited him to go to Paws and look for a dog to adopt. I was invited too but I was already involved in something and didn’t want to stop. They found two dogs but couldn’t bring them home because I wasn’t there to agree.

I woke in the early morning, trying to accept the idea of not one but two new dogs. I looked at all the changes that they would bring to my life. Would I be able to exercise? Would we be able to travel? The questions kept me awake for hours. When my husband got up, he had changed his mind. Spending all that time and not coming home with a dog, he was done. I pressed the issue. I wanted to meet the dogs that had kept me a wake half the night.

We had talked about getting an older dog. Robin was only a year old. Although we have had Shepherds, an Irish Setter and a Labrador, I wanted a smaller dog, one I could pick up if necessary. Robin was only 25 lbs., slight of built with a border collie body. I hoped for a dog that didn’t need to use its voice a lot.

Even though she was young, she seemed ideal. She immediately made herself at home. And we quickly learned the excitement and challenges we were in for. She runs like the wind, turns on a dime and has energy to spare. Her second trip into the back yard, I saw her trying to squeeze through the fence into our neighbors yard. That would never do! Luckily we had a plastic fence we could attach to the wrought iron fence to stop her plans.

She must have springs in her legs because she jumps from the floor onto the top of our dining room table with no hesitation. She also jumps into our laps to give hugs or wants to snuggle. We are using fences again to block off the stairs or pantry. Toys are all over the house again. I try not to leave anything edible within her reach when we leave the house. She shares her energy with all of us. My husband might be her favorite, but whenever she comes in from a walk, she has to check that we are all present and accounted for.

Her curiosity is unlimited. I would compare her to a nosy neighbor, who has to know everything that is going on. What am I cooking? What is in the bag? Where are we going?

Last night I left my dinner unattended and she finished it for me. This morning I opened the curtains so she could watch my son leave for work. When I came back downstairs I saw her sitting on top of the radiator, watching the world go by. That will never do! The radiator is covered, but I’m afraid with her speed she will break the window and get hurt. The three things I have tried have not succeeded but I’m not giving up.

The learning and challenges continue. She has only been with us less than three months. She starts obedience training tonight with my husband and son. I would love to go but have not recovered from the flu.


I’m always on the look out for new books that might be enjoyable to read. I LOVE a good mystery, I’m not really into romance or science fiction. I won’t mention how many cookbooks are in my collection and it is still growing. Self-help is one of my interests and of course — spiritual books — angels, heaven.

Recently a bargain book at the store — When God Winks At You — caught my eye, written by Squire Rushnell. It was published in 2006 so it wasn’t a new book. I know that I’m more aware of help from the other side but I’m always ready for new ideas.

I read a story told by Tim Conway of how he went to a carnival when he was a boy and tried to win a cross at a booth. Each chance cost a dime. He only had three dimes, tried but didn’t win. Leaving the carnival, he found a dime. He stopped and prayed that he would win the cross before giving the dime to the man. He pulled up the duck with the number one which won the cross. The story said that he kept the cross until he went to college. Who knows, even though he is now rich and famous, he might still have it today.

Of course, I enjoy watching Tim Conway. I liked the story so I shared it with my daughter in Florida. She in turn told me a story which I had forgotten. When her son was four, he was really into Poke-E-Mon. I had no idea what that was when he asked for it for Christmas. He was at a store that had a Poke-E-Mon prize in the vending machine. He asked his mom if he could have it. She told him that he could only take one try, if he didn’t win, that was it. She said he dropped to his knees, bowed his head and prayed. Got up, put the money in the machine and won the prize. She was amazed.

And I’m sure that she told me the story. But time has passed, he is twenty now and I forgot the story. But last Christmas we were in China town and I saw a Poke-E-Mon bank. Guess what my grandson got for Christmas.

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