Random Acts of "Kindness"


I’m sure that I’ve mentioned many times that I make plans and God laughs. He/She or SHim did it again. Not only laughed but pulled the rug out from under my feet. Where were all my friends? Were they helping God or applauding the plan? Good Question — no answer.

We planned to spend the New Year with our younger daughter and her family in Central Illinois. That is until we learned a snow storm was headed into our area — forecast 10 inches of snow or more. We could have driven down before the storm hit, but then we would need to drive back home. Not only dealing with the long highway that is surrounded by open fields — blowing and drifting snow, possibly black ice but then we would have had to deal with the snow at home. We changed our plans and stayed home. And it snowed — and Snowed — and SNOWED! Hercules, the storm was aptly named. We even got to experience lake effect snow. More than 43 hours of snow the weather man proclaimed. Finally, FINALLY we saw blue skies — no snow for a day. Then the snow returned. Admittedly only another inch or two but still. The yard stick in the back yard measured more than 14 inches of white stuff. We were lucky, the snow was not heavy. I did my part, sweeping off the steps, pushing the shovel down the path in the back yard. My husband used our snow blower for our benefit and the benefit of our neighbors.

We took advantage of the blue skies and replenished food supplies in our house. My freezer is well stocked but I run out of bread, milk, fresh vegetables etc. The weather forecast promised freezing temperatures — a Polar Vortex. The weatherman was correct — the thermometer dropped below zero and stayed there. FOR DAYS. Worst weather in many years.

I stayed in the house. No choice. Walking to the store which is only a block a way on Sunday, I was exhausted. I wanted a coffee shop where I could sit down and rest. I wanted to spot a friend who had a car who could drive me home. I felt ancient — no energy. I actually sat on a bench and rested a bit before walking back home.

I had planned to start a new eating plan and lose some weight. I had already started exercising again. I put my plans on hold. No energy, my body hurt — I went to bed and stayed there. And stayed there. The news mentioned that flu was spreading. But I had a flu shot. Bad cold? It wasn’t getting better. I slept, woke and drank some tea and slept some more. My body hurt. Four days into this, I heard the symptoms of flu on the TV. No energy, felt like you have been hit by a bus, high fever, body aches etc. Treat within 48 hours. Well I’d had it for more than 48 hours, 96 to be exact.

I finally went to the Minute Clinic. I wanted evacuation orders for the bug. I learned it normally lasts seven days, I was in day five. The prescribed medication wouldn’t help me. But my lungs were clear, my temperature normal. I was in good shape.

I was advised to go home and rest for another week. My resistance is compromised and I could catch anything.


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