Random Acts of "Kindness"


We often lose our sense of wonder as we age. Children and dogs get very excited when they see snow. They can’t wait to get outside to play. Even if there is only a coating of snow — dogs roll in it and try to eat it. Kids kick it and try to throw it. Not enough snow for snow ball fights, or building snow men — that doesn’t stop them. Not enough snow for sledding or skiing — but the white stuff calls for play.

Unless you are an adult. Snow for us means work — shoveling or snow plow, scrapping off the cars, slick streets. We lose our sense of wonder.

Winter has come early this year. I’m hoping that it will also leave quickly. It is only December and the temperature is below zero. I’ll admit that we are spoiled. It has been a long time since we have had a sever winter. I didn’t miss the cold or the ice.

Since we now have a young dog, who has so much energy she needs to be walked, I’m hoping for dry sidewalks — no ice. As I write this, the temperature is at 3 degrees — too cold to take her or me for a walk. Many of the sidewalks have been salted, hurting her feet. She is still full of energy — doesn’t understand why we can’t go for a walk.

In desperation, I let her out into the back yard to play. She knows there are treasures under that snow. All she has to do is find them. So she digs — looking for —–? She doesn’t care that her paws get cold. She finds a frozen leaf and brings her treasure into the house so I can see what she found.

She reminds me that we need to have that kind of hope — digging through the ice and snow when our life seems frozen.

Holidays are here. My prayer for you — That you become aware of the ”help” that is available from Spirit. That you realize you are never alone and that you have a safe, and healthy 2014.


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