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We often lose our sense of wonder as we age. Children and dogs get very excited when they see snow. They can’t wait to get outside to play. Even if there is only a coating of snow — dogs roll in it and try to eat it. Kids kick it and try to throw it. Not enough snow for snow ball fights, or building snow men — that doesn’t stop them. Not enough snow for sledding or skiing — but the white stuff calls for play.

Unless you are an adult. Snow for us means work — shoveling or snow plow, scrapping off the cars, slick streets. We lose our sense of wonder.

Winter has come early this year. I’m hoping that it will also leave quickly. It is only December and the temperature is below zero. I’ll admit that we are spoiled. It has been a long time since we have had a sever winter. I didn’t miss the cold or the ice.

Since we now have a young dog, who has so much energy she needs to be walked, I’m hoping for dry sidewalks — no ice. As I write this, the temperature is at 3 degrees — too cold to take her or me for a walk. Many of the sidewalks have been salted, hurting her feet. She is still full of energy — doesn’t understand why we can’t go for a walk.

In desperation, I let her out into the back yard to play. She knows there are treasures under that snow. All she has to do is find them. So she digs — looking for —–? She doesn’t care that her paws get cold. She finds a frozen leaf and brings her treasure into the house so I can see what she found.

She reminds me that we need to have that kind of hope — digging through the ice and snow when our life seems frozen.

Holidays are here. My prayer for you — That you become aware of the ”help” that is available from Spirit. That you realize you are never alone and that you have a safe, and healthy 2014.


Years ago I read a short thought ramble of how we are riding a tandem bike with Jesus. He is in the front seat, guiding our way, I am on the rear seat, helping to pedal. Once upon a time, I thought that I was in control of my life. I have since realized that I was mistaken. Since I read that thought ramble, I have tried my best to be guided by Spirit. But I have to admit, that often as not, I find my hands on that wheel, trying to direct.

Last weekend, we drove down by our daughters in Central Illinois. Snow was predicted but our drive on Friday was dry. We planned to take our dog, Robin, with us until she snuck out of our back yard gate. And ran, chasing a squirrel instead of returning when I called. Our daughter has a wireless fenced yard. She also has a pond behind the yard. I was concerned that Robin would escape when the door opened and wander the neighborhood or the pond. She remained home with our son. Since we were dogless, we stopped for lunch at a favorite restaurant. Talking to the waitress, I learned that the night before a border collie was run over trying to herd a car. I was very glad that Robin stayed home.

Saturday remained dry — dry roads. The storm went further South. We took the opportunity to visit our granddaughters “horse country.” We have been down there many times. This is the first time I remember seeing so many horse drawn buggies — I didn’t count but twenty would be a good number. We learned that stores close early in that part of the country — we couldn’t buy any fudge.

The snow arrived Sunday morning. Not a lot, just enough to coat the roads and make them slick. I slid through a stop sign returning from shopping. When I arrived back at our daughter’s house, I learned that my son-in-law slid through the same stop sign, almost hitting a pole. Icy rain arrived Sunday night. The roads were still very slick when we left for home. (The town our daughter lives in does not do a good job with snow, ice clearing.)

We stopped for gas before leaving town. I had sent up a prayer request for a safe trip home. On the way into the building to pay, I found a dime. I have to admit that the dime made me HAPPY. Soon after merging onto the expressway, we saw four cars in ditches or the field before we reached the next exit. Thankfully our drive was free of accidents.

Robin was extremely excited to see my husband when we returned home.


We sent our last dog, Lexie, a black pug, home in March. We have remained dogless until now. Both my husband and my son wanted to get a new dog before this. I was concerned with the amount of travel that was planned for the coming year. And I was justified in my concern. I just finished counting the days we were gone to put it in our Christmas letter and found it totaled 111.

I thought adding a member to our family when we planned to be away for many days was not fair to the new addition. When we returned from Florida, my husband announced, “it’s time to get a dog” and he and my son left for an animal shelter. I will be honest. I had gotten used to not having to take care of another member of our family. Lexie had been blind and deaf. She needed to be carried up and down stairs and taken out on a leash. I didn’t miss the extra work.

I thought we would get an older dog, one that was settled in its ways, content to walk a bit and sleep alot.
I didn’t go with them when they went to look, which was just as well. They looked at TWO — both young. The shelter didn’t allow them to take them home because I had to want the dogs too.

I must admit that I spent an hour or two in the wee hours of the morning debating getting two dogs. When my husband decided that we didn’t need to get a dog — he was disappointed that they spent all that time and didn’t bring one home — I suggested we had to go see who they were talking about.

Now I will admit that I sent a prayer or two heaven bound, asking God to give us the dog that was right for us. And he did. One of the dog’s they looked at was off adoption because of bad behavior. Another had kennel cough. The third needed older children, our youngest granddaughter is four. She is with us often and any dog we got had to be good with not only the children but their dogs as well. The dog we chose had only just arrived.

And thankfully Robin is all of the above. She is a 25 LB. border collie – terrier mix. Not too tiny, but slim enough that I can pick her up if needed and hopefully she won’t knock me down. She has more energy that we can handle but we will try. She runs like the wind, and turns on a dime. She can jump high enough from the floor to land on the dining room table. She is very gentle and likes to play with other dogs. Taking her for walks will give the whole family exercise. She has met our grandchildren and grand puppies. She got along well with all. In fact, she was very sad when they went home.

This morning she escaped the yard when I took out the garbage. I would love to say that I called her, she listened and came back into the yard. Instead she saw a squirrel and was off to give chase. Once again I sent prayers heaven bound. Thankfully they were answered. She heard rattling in my pocket and came back to see what I had. I grabbed her and carried her home, more than a half block. It is a good thing she is tiny, as it was, she got heavy.


I usually DO NOT find money outside. Maybe an occasional penny ever once in a while. A penny reminds me of the song “Pennies From Heaven.” It also reminds me IN GOD WE TRUST! Recently, on three separate occasions I have found a dime. The dime didn’t ring any bells, remind me of something special until this morning — awakening from sleep I remembered instructions from my youth — keep a dime in your pocket so you can call home. Now I’ve read in various articles how nickels and dimes have been used by those on a higher plain to remind those on earth that their loved one is with them. “My friends in high places” don’t normally use that method.

When I was young, I used a dime to board a bus and travel the city. Prices have increased and the world is no longer as safe. There is no way in the world that I would allow my child or grandchild to ride a bus, by themselves, at the age of six or seven like I did.

This morning my husband had a dream in which one of our friends who passed over was leading a whole line of people down a trail, humming as he walked. My husband watched from a distance, he was not one of the group. I’m hopeful that my husband has more work to do on this side before he goes “home.” I have enough friends on the other side, I need some to stay here.

One of our neighbors is critically ill. We just received word that our daughter’s father-in-law is in the hospital. Are either one of them waiting to join the line? Good question, no answer.

Phone home! Or did I receive the call? The first dime I found in Jacksonville, Fl. It was very thin, so thin, I didn’t think it was a dime. An older, thin gentleman crossed the road when I spoke to him as I took our daughter’s dog for a walk. Dogs were barking in the background and I ended up telling a story of how I saw my son’s dog, Shanae, run through the house after we sent her home. The complete story is in JOURNEY WITH ME!. The gentleman had just sent one of the four footed members of his family home.

The second dime found was on the way to the Post Office, after we came back home. I was walking to mail photos of my great grand daughter and family to Florida. I LIKE hard copies, regular photos that are not on a disk.

Sad to say, I don’t remember when the third dime came into my possession. Although, this week I have had billing concerns to deal with — three to be exact. The first — our electric bill for the camper and home was mixed up. The person I spoke to COULD NOT straighten out the mess. We haven’t begun to pay bills on line, her suggestion DID NOT help me. Two days later, visiting the doctor’s office, I learned that we had not received bills for five visits to the doctor. Two were from previous years. ?? To say I wasn’t pleased is an understatement. Finally, I went to pick up a prescription for my husband only to learn that there was no insurance on file. Luckily they were able to straighten the matter out and save us two hundred dollars. Was that the message of the third dime? At least that was the third billing mix-up. Hopefully we are done now.

I’m often reminded to pay attention. I try but I don’t always understand the message behind the words.

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