Random Acts of "Kindness"


I’m often encouraged to write, in fact, when I don’t “my friends in high places” get impatient. They begin nudging — I wake up too early, can’t sleep, get hit on the head, etc. I DON’T LIKE GETTING HIT ON THE HEAD. I’m reminded of how important my writing is. How it makes a difference in someone’s life. I learned that a few times something I’ve written has made a difference. The rest of the time I take it on faith.

I don’t always watch television during the day. I’m usually busy — either at home or out and about. Yesterday I was reminded that if I was going to have thought rambles publish while we were gone, I had to write them. When I’m writing, the television is off so I’m not distracted. Sometimes I have music playing; often I just have background house noise. “My friends” don’t speak to me so I’m not drowning out their voices but know I’m seldom alone. They will remove my writing if it doesn’t meet with their approval. That can be FRUSTRATING!

We are still out in the country. Television stations are limited at best, reception is catch as catch can — we don’t have satellite. The day was beautiful, blue skies, sunny and warm — 73. After I wrote two thought rambles, I took our scooter out for a drive to enjoy the day. I returned in time to turn the Dr. Oz program on the television. To be honest, I didn’t sit down to watch, my activity caused me to miss most of the program until a guest caught my attention. She explained the difference between steam, water, and ice. All three substances are composed of the same material, just in different form.

The guest was the medium Theresa Caputo. She brought messages from the other side to a few people in the audience. With each message she told the receiving person that their loved one on the other side was with them, sending them signs. Each person had tears in their eyes when they received the message. Theresa knows her work is important. I AM NOT A MEDIUM! I can not bring you messages from the other side. But I was reminded when I was watching the program that my writing is important. And I’m hoping that through my thought rambles you will become more aware of the interaction between yourself and the spirit world. Hopefully you won’t get hit on the head.


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