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Do your electronic devices have a mind of their own? I often think that mine do, or are receiving “help” from the other side. When my father passed over, he did not have ANY experience with computers. Because of Alzheimer’s, his memory had eroded to the point where he could not learn anything new. Evidently, on his passing, his well being and mental capacity were completely restored — QUICKLY. The day of his wake, computer problems intensified. My son, a computer programmer, said a bunch of “unseen helpers” were loose at his place of business, having a party. EVERYTHING — computers, printers were having fits. That night, my daughter’s fiancée was trying to work on his college paper at our house. Our computer misbehaved so badly that he gave up. While I was writing TO PAP, WITH LOVE — my printer often jammed and the computer edited my writing, taking out sentences and paragraphs.

Why am I mentioning these things? Purpose – I want to show that I am familiar with “help” from the other side. Recently my cell phone stopped ringing; only vibrating when a phone call came in. I didn’t notice the malfunction right away. In fact, almost three days passed before I became aware of the situation. Now I will admit that I don’t receive many cell phone calls. I was waiting for a return phone call on a repair to our trailer; phone near by so I would hear the ring, when I learned of the problem. We tried everything to fix it with no success. I phoned my children, told them of the problem and asked them to call their father’s phone. We were out in the country, far from a store carrying our cell phone provider. Meanwhile, I debated on the type of phone I wanted to get. My phone is a flip camera phone. It doesn’t have access to the computer or any of the new enhancements. I don’t even text, and I use my camera for pictures — not my phone. Would my phone still be available? Would I want a new smart phone? How much would our bill increase? Good questions — no easy answer.

We were expecting our first great grand-daughter. It was very important to me that we learned of the birth as soon as she was born. Those in my family with newer phones received a text message AND A PICTURE OF THE NEW PRINCESS when she was born. Thankfully they phoned me. The baby’s grandmother phoned about an hour later — but since we were talking rather than texting — I got more details. I won’t bore you.

Another week passed. We were still in the country. I still have a phone that did not ring but I could make calls. I was still undecided as to the phone I wanted to buy. Along came my BIRTHDAY. MY PHONE RANG TWICE — when two of my children called. And it still rings when a phone call comes in.

The weather is beautiful. We are staying another week. I still don’t know if I will replace my phone, or which new one I will choose.


I’m often pestered to meditate. Invitations come in many different ways. Sometimes it is on my calendar, through friends or strangers, on the internet. I keep trying to meditate — sometimes it works, often it doesn’t. I have journeyed with Oprah and Deepak Chopra through a 21 day meditation. Maybe that is where this invitation to meditate came from. I was invited by the mentors channel to join them for a 21 day chanting meditation.

Still trying — I joined. Their meditations were different — Deva Premal chanted different mantras each day. Although I enjoyed the chanting, it kept me grounded. Many, if not all were from the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. I have a strong belief that there is one Supreme Being — many different ways to worship. Therefore Buddhist chants were welcome.

I don’t give up quickly. Although I wasn’t able to try each day — life interfered — I finished all 22 days. I will admit that I wasn’t happy with my inability to quiet, to meditate. Many of the chants were long. If I was able to chant along with Deva I might have had more success. I enjoyed her voice, I enjoyed the music. I enjoyed the message behind the mantras. For these reasons I kept returning.

During the time frame of these meditations, our government was considering the actions of Syria when nerve gas was used to kill their countrymen. By the time the meditations ended, Russia had intervened. The crisis was on standby. Then a meeting was set up with another Middle East country. Not necessarily peace, but a start.

I can’t help but wonder if the thousands who had gathered to chant, pray, meditate during this time frame had somehow influenced the outcome of these situations. I’ll never know but anything that helps to bring peace to our troubled world is welcome.

Sadly the meditations have not worked within our own government whose elected officials are not working for the good of the people. By the time this thought ramble is published hopefully our current financial crisis will be solved.

When we leave the camper next week, we will be only home a couple of days before we fly to Florida to meet our new great grand daughter. I try to write thought rambles to publish when we are traveling — with the constraints that it has to be “spirit influenced.” I was mystified this morning. I sent up a prayer for “help!” My prayer was answered. I just didn’t recognize the answer. I received the answer “Magic Prayer” through one of my print sources. I have to admit that I didn’t understand. Thankfully “Spirit” has patience with my inability. During a meditation I thought of the word mantra. This time — thankfully — I got the message.


We used to see each other every week day. But it has been twenty years since the company we worked for closed. We no longer see each other regularly but we have remained friends. I ‘m the youngest of our group and usually the driver. The years have not been kind to my friends. One has battled cancer and walks with a walker. She recently celebrated her 88th birthday. Her daughter lives with her and her son is near by. She needs oxygen. The other, just two years younger, has Parkinson’s and severe arthritis and has moved into a senior housing complex.

This summer has been extremely busy for me — I’m gone more often than I’m home. Plans were made for the three of us to get together. The day was beautiful — blue skies, warm temperature. I would drive. No problem! Until I reached my friend’s house and saw a wheelchair sitting by the trunk of her car. I learned her ability to walk long distances has decreased and she needed the wheel chair. Her son showed me how to work her portable oxygen tank and how to set up her wheel chair. EXCEPT IT WAS TOO HEAVY FOR ME. I COULD NOT LIFT IT! Thankfully her son put it into the trunk for me. I prayed someone would be available to get it out.

The senior complex was a distance from my friend’s house but after wandering a little bit we found it. Ask and you shall receive — I found someone to get the wheelchair out of the car. Not only did Bill remove the chair from her trunk, he knew how to attach the leg supports and helped my friend out of the car along with her oxygen tank. ( I thanked him for his help and mentioned that he shared the same name as my father.)

SURPRISE — my other friend was in a wheel chair too. We were eating outside in a restaurant on the ground floor. Both of my friends needed to be transported downstairs. And one by one, I pushed. I also learned where the bathroom was and took my older friend twice. Since it is a senior complex, the bathroom was spacious enough for a wheelchair. Maneuvering it and her oxygen tank took a bit of doing but I was up to the challenge. Opening the door to the outside patio was also a challenge but I found people to help.

I was asked if I would take the resident up to her second floor apartment. Her apartment was lovely, very spacious. My older friend enjoyed her cup of coffee while I was gone. The lighter wheelchair was easier to push but it had trouble going over the threshold. When I returned to the ground floor, I learned the heavier wheel chair went over the threshold with no problems. And thankfully, Bill was available to collapse the wheelchair and put it back into the trunk.

Lunch was lovely — the food delicious and the company delightful. And a bonus. Our resident friend is Jewish and the day of our luncheon was the eve of Rosh Hashanah — Happy New year.


Where, oh where has the time gone? Just yesterday I had energy, was able to do the Sun Salutation in Yoga — my various body parts worked. Today, my knees prefer that I don’t kneel, getting down on the floor is interesting, getting up can sometimes be a challenge.

I’m facing another birthday. Each Fall I reflect on my life, the journey I have taken and the road ahead. Often the change of seasons and reflection on lost opportunities bring sadness. I try not to dwell on the mistakes, but focus on the accomplishments instead. I will admit that depending on the day, sometimes it is harder to do.

Since I have “friends in high places” I’m often reminded of the accomplishments of people much older than myself. Yesterday, a man of 101 was honored on television — his mind is strong, he just renewed his driver’s license. In my travels, I have heard other stories of men and woman over a hundred who are still living a quality life. It seems that new stories are popping up on a VERY, REGULAR basis. I’m trying to pay attention. I don’t know how long I will remain here on earth, but as long as I’m here, I would rather have a high quality life like the centurions. Some things are out of my control, but some things are still possible to improve on.

I admire Angela Lansbury as an actress. Recently I learned that she has written a book titled Positive Moves and has an exercise VCR available of the same name. Thanks to the internet, both are now in my possession. In fact, they were on our doorstep when we arrived home from our last camping trip. I have NEVER been a professionally trained dancer but I was able to do most of her exercises. Some easy stretches I have incorporated into my daily routine.

I’m often reminded that in order to live a healthy life I NEED TO LOSE WEIGHT AND EXERCISE. All I can say is that I’m trying. One of my recurring messages is to meditate — to listen. I try, and I will continue to try — someday I might even hear. Until that time, I’m confidant that the important messages will get through.

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