Random Acts of "Kindness"


Why is it that when things are running smoothly — pebbles, rocks or boulders spring up in our path? I was feeling fine, okay maybe a little tired. We had returned from Florida — I dealt with the mounds of clothes, stacks of mail and empty refrigerator. I had gone through the mail, unpacked and washed clothes, replenished supplies. Taking advantage of a weekend at home — blue skies and warm temperatures — I had wandered the garden where the world had gathered. It was so crowded, I asked if parking was still available. And happily learned it was. When I asked why the excitement, I learned a kite festival was in progress. Still trying to use time at home well, I scheduled a date with a friend.

ROADBLOCK — hopefully only a pebble — okay a larger stone. Preparing to meet my friend, I got up from our dining room chair. I don’t remember doing anything different. I don’t remember banging my foot, twisting my leg or doing anything stupid. PAIN — radiated — ankle, knee and hip. “What the —-?” If I was smart, I would have cancelled the date. But I didn’t listen to my body — two pain pills and out the door I went. Sadly pain increased then lessened then increased like waves in the ocean. Pain pills all day. Severity of the pain had my attention. Question — Doctor visit?

Shopping I listened to my body and found an AM /PM yoga DVD that I enjoyed with my daughter in Florida. I bought a yoga mat for my husband so he could join me.

Stopping for lunch, only one empty table that I reserved for my friend and I. A gentleman in an orange vest was headed for the same table. I invited him to share ours. We talked about the state of the world and shared some of our wisdom of preparing for retirement. When he mentioned that he depended on help from above I asked him why he was at the right place, the right time to share a table with us. I suggested he think about it. I wonder what he shared with his wife that night. Lunch with two, older, crazy ladies?

Still shopping, TWO — TWO strong, younger men passed by to help me load a carton of heavy cans of soda into my cart, and later — place them into my trunk for me. Normally I would have done that myself. At that point in time — just walking was a challenge.

I paid attention to my body. I enjoyed soaks in our old fashioned bath tub — in Epson salt water, something I had postponed — afraid I wouldn’t be able to get out. I did gentle stretching, I did yoga. I accompanied my husband to the Ford dealer for a recall. Their inspection revealed a couple of items that needed to be fixed for safety. We asked our mechanic to make the necessary repairs. The cost might influence a trip in the motor home that we had planned, but we didn’t get stranded on the highway. Plans for a hundred plus trip was in the works. My husband was planning to go to the camper over the weekend but changed his mind when I told him that I wasn’t sure I would be able to drive all the way out myself.

THANKFULLY — the pain has lessened, although, a week later I’m still feeling the effects. We are at the camper. I have access to a pool. I went swimming last night, I did yoga this morning.


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