Random Acts of "Kindness"


When I learn something that I think will help others, I don’t keep it a secret — I like to share. I am so happy with the results of my Fast Metabolism diet that I have been like Johnny Apple Seed, sharing the information with friends whom I think would benefit. I’m especially happy since I have tried for many years to lose weight and it just hasn’t happened.

I hadn’t seen our neighbor at the campground all summer. She has had two battles with breast cancer and gained 12 extra pounds over the winter which is not making her happy. I shared the book with her — Fast Metabolism Diet — hopefully she will have the same success I’ve had.  It shouldn’t interfere with the medicine she is taking because the diet is natural food, no pills or powders added. The food is arranged according to a schedule to boost your metabolism.

I planned to share the information with two friends who were experiencing their own health issues. I had copies of the food which is allowed so they could check to see if the food was compatible to their tastes. Even though it would help my husband to lose a couple of pounds, he would not be able to follow the plan. Most of the vegetables allowed he doesn’t eat, nor wants too. The few vegetables that he likes are not on the plan. He is safe from my suggestions.

Often when I have a good idea to share, the people who could benefit from the idea appear in my path. I will admit that I’m not sharing this idea with just anyone, even if they could benefit. I’m not going up to strangers on the street. I have put on my own brakes — I have to already know the person or have been in a long enough conversation to be inspired to share.

Maybe it is my age, but the number of people I have shared with this week is approaching a dozen. I have to admit that I’m not sticking to the food guidelines as strictly as I have in the past. I see corn on the cob in my future — the early corn is ready. Spring rain encouraged good growth, mature kernels. At the same time, I like the food that I have been eating and if I either don’t regain the weight, or stop losing — I might continue to bend the rules a bit while still following most of the plan.

I hoped a Thesaurus was part of the computer program. NOPE! One word was appearing over and over in my thought ramble, there must be something else I can use! I couldn’t think! Putting some books away at the camper, something blocked their path. Investigating I found a Thesaurus hidden at the back of the shelf. THANK YOU! HELP is ALWAYS appreciated!


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