Random Acts of "Kindness"


I wanted to write a couple of thought rambles before we went to the camper. But I had brain freeze –no ideas — so I asked “my friends in high places” for help. I suggested that if they wanted me to write, they needed to give me some ideas. No sooner said than done.

Before I went shopping, I stopped at the post office to mail a DVD to my Floridian daughter.  I’m on the last week of my 28 day eating plan and remembered that today’s snack was fruit. I thought of watermelon. When I mentioned that fact to the woman at the post office, she asked a couple of questions about the food plan I was following. I was happy to share — since this is the first time in many years when I have actually lost weight, not just in my little finger but in my belly.

At the grocery store, watermelon in hand, I shared the food plan information with the clerk who checked me out. By now you know that I talk to the people in the stores that I see on a regular basis and share bits and pieces of my life when appropriate.

Walking home, I saw a man picking berries off of a tree. I thought it was a mulberry tree but I was wrong.  I don’t know the name of the tree. The man showed me how to determine which berry was ripe. The fruit was tasty. I was intrigued by his accent. He was from London, and said we were having London weather — gray skies, damp conditions. When he first arrived, he couldn’t find any wellies. Wellies? I think they are rubber rain boots. Now they are available here.  Since my son is interested in visiting London, I learned that May is a good time to go, the flowers are in bloom.

Reaching home, I remembered that I had forgotten to buy more of the staples for my food plan. More shopping!

One of my stops was Whole Foods. A sampling station was set up with a salad dressing on the table. I was curious — no one was around. Before leaving the store, the person doing the demonstration had arrived. I was able to sample the dressing on greens. I was her first customer. She knew the ingredients in the dressing . They were allowed on my food plan. The dressing not only tasted good, it was low in sodium. It was mine!

On the way home, I stopped at a bead store. It was the first time it was open on a Monday. I needed earring stops for my hook earrings.  I almost lost a new earring at the camper. Mission accomplished.

Just yesterday, having lunch with a friend she told me that it was Senior day at Walgreen’s, that meant a discount. We stopped for shaving cream and I looked at Olay Regenerist Lotion 50 SPF. Not only was it on sale, I also got a senior discount. Saved more than $6. I like saving money on things I need.

Thanks to “my friends in high places” I had material to write about — since these happenings are normal in my life — to remember, I took notes.  I also had a VERY INTERESTING DAY!


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