Random Acts of "Kindness"


It is a very good thing that I get “help” from my friends in high places. My father had Alzheimer’s disease and my brain is not as dependable as it used to be. Words that I know  — are missing when I need them. Very Frustrating! Or I write down the simile for the word. It is a good thing there is spell check but it doesn’t always help. My automatic pilot kicks in regularly. I don’t mind except when I have forgotten what I am doing or where I am going.  One of my new phrases, used too often is “Why am I here?” I noticed this morning that I’m speeding through SPRING. I’ve lost a week. I thought my husbands doctor’s appointment was Tuesday, nope — its a week from Tuesday. Overtired? Overstressed? Overweight? All of the above.

Yesterday. I spent over half an hour looking for a recipe I found when we came home from Hawaii for Mahi Mahi. I have MANY recipe books. I was NOT successful. I verbally reprimanded myself for not writing down the source of the recipe. Looking at the back of a notebook later, I found my note on the recipe I had been looking for. I was reminded to “Detach From the Drama.” Shopping later in the day, a friend enjoyed my search and find story. It gave her a laugh.

I must have left my compass at home. Heading home,  I made an unplanned stop at Whole Foods. I remembered more supplies that I needed as I walked the store — they have many items that are low sodium. As I was leaving, I decided to make another stop, to get corn flake crumbs for baked catfish. Almost home, I realized I missed the store. Where did it go?  I realized that I should have made a right turn and drove South instead of making a left to go North. The store was were it was supposed to be. At the camper, I was surprised when a store I normally frequent was leveled, a new store is promised for the Spring of this year. Construction has not started yet.

Last night, I decided to share two recipes with my daughters. The computer did not give me their e-mail addresses when I typed their names and I DID NOT REMEMBER their e-mail addresses. I was told my address book was empty. I WAS IN TROUBLE. I shut off the computer and started again. LUCKILY, this time the computer had their addresses plus the rest of the addresses in my address book. I have to admit that as I typed the ingredients, I changed my mind, and decided to do something different.

Trying once again to lose weight — it is up since Hawaii — I decided to make kale and white beans. This time I bought packaged kale since it was prewashed. Last time I bought a bunch of kale that I didn’t rinse enough and ate grit. I needed three cups for the recipe. I looked at the label — 2 cup serving, less than I needed.  I just didn’t realize that there were five servings in the package. Oops!

It was extremely cold, and windy yesterday. Branches were down all over our neighborhood. I noticed this morning that a lovely pear tree is gone — blown over in the wind? Gale winds caused thirteen foot waves to  hit the shores. When we were at the camper, I was surprised that Lake Michigan affects weather so far away. Our camper is over 100 miles from the city but the lake effect is mentioned regularly in the weather reports.

This morning, I was advised “To Find the Blessing In Your Current Situation.” I’m looking! I went for a walk — that is when I noticed the pear tree, and thought of this title. I thought writing would help me find the blessings.


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