Random Acts of "Kindness"


My son and I were only home from Hawaii for a day when he and my husband went out to the camper to tear down a room addition on the lot next to ours. Luckily the man who camped behind us was available to help with the work. It turned out to be an extremely tiring job. It took all week and they filled three bins with lumber. They wouldn’t let me help, so I became the errand person. We learned that the lumber company in the neighboring town not only made blades for the chain saw but sharpened them too. I made many trips into town. On one of the trips, I found an angel statue holding a puppy in the store. I have many dog friends in high places. I will admit that I didn’t examine the statue. As I tried to pick the angel up, a stronger, older woman came by to help me. Not only did she carry it to the counter but she took it out to my car and safely stowed it in the trunk. When we placed it in my serenity garden, I was surprised to see the angel was a young boy, in overalls. I thought of my brother whose birthday is in May. He passed away with my mother in the fire when he was almost two.

I stayed in Chicago for a couple of days to get caught up and then I toured Botanical Garden in the city before heading for the camper. I love the crab apple trees and was afraid they would no longer be in bloom when I returned to the city. Sadly most of the trees were only beginning to bloom but I found a couple that where in sheltered, warmer spots.  I was surprised when I arrived at the camper to see our apple tree in bloom, also our crab apple tree, and azaleas bush. Our tiny lilac bush was also in blossom. Raking leaves, I noticed a Dutchman’s breeches in bloom. I didn’t remember planting it. Whether it came along as a guest with another purchased plant or volunteered to be in our garden, I don’t know.

A small old car show was held in a neighboring town on Saturday. Our son left for the city and both my husband and I were tired but we went anyway. It was a good thing that the car show was small but there was a good variety of cars, trucks and motorcycles.  My husband talked to an older couple — he was 86, his wife 89 — who had a 1950 Chevrolet. Stopping in a small store, my husband bought an angel pendant for me.

I decided to go to Mass on Saturday, so we could sleep in on Sunday. I was surprised when it was the feast of Pentecost. I was doubly surprised when I realized the tee shirt I was wearing was from Great America — red — words “light my fire”. Pentecost is represented as tongues of fire (the Holy Spirit) descending on the apostles and disciples in the locked room.

When we were at the camper, I bought a copy of the weekly woman’s magazine and was reminded of a tea I drank last summer that seemed to give me energy. When we arrived back home, I put a pot on the stove and made a new batch of tea.

Maybe my writing will reflect the events as they happen, maybe the writing will be delayed. I’m expecting my life to be busy. Either way, I hope my rambles help you become aware.


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