Random Acts of "Kindness"



I wish I could write that I have lost weight, that I have reached my goal — pipe dreams again. My metabolism is asleep — days, weeks and months of butt down, feet up must have put it in a deep slumber. I would be happy if I lost a couple pounds — I would know that I was heading in the right direction. Road blocks must be up, and so is my weight. Too much sodium always adds a couple of pounds. In a way, its not a bad thing. When we are traveling, I won’t have control over sodium like I do at home. I guess it is best to be prepared, even the food I prepare at home is not as low in sodium as I expect. Sometimes the sodium count is missing or the label has the wrong information. Too much sodium and my feet swell, I just need to be able to walk.

Speaking about walking — I won’t say exactly that my energy has returned but I have been able to walk distances again. Although the inclines at the Botanic Gardens have my thighs talking, I’m not giving up. There are not many hills in our neighborhood and I really don’t like walking on the treadmill. I climb stairs at home but it is not the same.

EXERCISE — I’m listening! Articles have appeared in magazines and the newspaper reminding me of the value of Tai Chi. Years ago I took a class and I still remember part of the routine, adjusted each time I go through it. I put it on the back shelf but I have revived it again. Yoga — another thing that I have been reminded of in many different ways. I even found my copy of the book A MORNING CUP OF YOGA which slipped off its shelf onto the floor, hiding against the wall. The book reminded me of various exercises that my body needs, that I don’t do. Both exercises can easily go with me on my trip. Years ago, I greeted the morning doing Tai Chi on the shores of Kauai.

Just how many purses do I need to take with me?  After I bought ANOTHER, lighter purse that wouldn’t clash with my clothes, I was reminded of a bag I bought last fall. It wasn’t where I remembered putting it. Memory — what an interesting concept. After another search, I found it hiding in a bag with many more purses in my closet. At least ONE of those has to come with me. Decisions, decisions!

Packing will be interesting. I have tried on various items of clothing that I thought would make the trip and decided to leave them home. I’m sure I have enough to wear, and if not — there is the International Market where a merchant told me: ” Momma, I’ve got a deal for you!”


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