Random Acts of "Kindness"


New day, new month — for a short time, warmer weather. A snow storm is predicted for the North, I’m glad we don’t live up there. I’m writing this before we fly, but I will publish it while we are gone. Looking at my schedule, I realized that it wouldn’t hurt to write a few rambles in advance. From experience, I know it will take me a few days, or weeks to catch up. Hopefully not months.

It is hard to pack for 80 degrees when the temperature is 40. I get cold easily, and I don’t want to weigh down the luggage with cold weather gear. God took pity on me and gave us a couple of 80 degree days. It should come as no surprise when I write that I LOVE to be OUTSIDE when it is warm. I must take after my mother. My dad was very content to be INSIDE. In his later years, he walked to church or to the store but he wasn’t a person to go on picnics or to the beach.

Mother’s Day is approaching. I’ve heard that my mother liked pansies. I have been ignoring the opportunity to BUY flowering baskets or other plants. After all, I’m not going to be home — who will water them? I have to admit that I gave in yesterday. My younger grandchildren will be at our house while I am gone. At the store picking up more supplies, I noticed the price of the hanging baskets had been reduced. I’ll admit that they weren’t beautiful, but considering the price, three came home with me — pansies, begonias and geraniums. They tolerate cooler temperatures. Since they weren’t beautiful, I’m taking a chance that they will survive without me. I LIKE hanging baskets — the colors of the flowers greet my eyes when I’m coming and going. I don’t have to get down on my knees to take care of them.

Trips are over so quickly, but a lot of the fun is in the planning. I was at Costco yesterday, processing the film from my camera. By now you know I take A LOT of photo’s. I wanted the camera to be ready for Hawaii. Imagine my surprise when photo’s I had deleted from Botanical Garden were still on the camera. The memory card said that it contained NO PICTURES.  IT LIED. I deleted the pictures again, placed the card in the machine and surprise — all 580 were still there. This would never do. Repeating the sequence a few more times with the same results, I was frustrated! The person working in photo’s called for someone to help me. Thankfully, he knew how to reformat the card. My plans for today have changed. I PLANNED to stay home, get ready for the trip. INSTEAD I’m going out with my camera to play — we have another beautiful day,  flowers are in bloom, so are some of the trees. I’m sure I will have a few opportunities to take a couple of photos. I want to make sure that my camera is ready for the trip too!

I looked over my CD’s, writing down the names of the ones I have. I refreshed my memory as to the Hawaiian cookbooks I have. I thought I had two, SURPRISE, another was hiding next to them on the shelf. I’ve already found a new recipe to try when I come home. Maybe this time I won’t come home with a new book but I’m sure there will be plenty of opportunities to shop. And I’m sure I will have PLENTY OF “HELP.”


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