Random Acts of "Kindness"


Less than two weeks before we fly and “my friends in high places” are HELPING! Excitement is in the air. Yesterday, shopping at Target I stooped to pick up a pair of reading glasses on the floor. As I put them back on the stand I noticed that they were on sale. I have to admit that a pair came home with me, as a backup for my prescription glasses in Hawaii. Too many times I have taken my spare glasses out of my purse and reached for them while shopping, only to find them missing in action. It must have been a glasses day — I also found a pair of Magnivision SunReaders 100% UVA-UVB. I’m not sure either of the non-prescription glasses are strong enough, but they are going.

Yesterday, I read that color is power — advised to select a color you don’t normally wear and introduce that into your wardrobe — it changes your energy field. No surprise, looking for a hat to take with me, I found  a bright pink LEATHER purse on sale. Pink is the color of love — a predominate color in my vacation wardrobe, but not one I normally wear. I also found an airy, collapsible, white hat, trimmed in pink.

At Tuesday night’s dinner, I loved a tomato, cucumber salad. It was so flavorful I had to push the serving dish out of my reach. I had asked to look at their menu and received a take out menu instead. The writing was so small that my glasses and the dim light did not allow me to read it. Pulling the menu out Saturday night, I found the salad I enjoyed — Shepherd’s salad.  The internet is a marvelous tool. I’m not very experienced but I was able to find a recipe for it.  I was slightly surprised when I learned the name for this Sunday at church is SHEPHERD’S SUNDAY.

I planned to go to the Botanic Garden today. I have not been there since the fall, the weather hasn’t been inviting. I know that daffodil’s are in bloom, and possibly tulips. Since today is blue skies, temperature in the 40’s, I thought a walk in the Garden would be delightful. I’m curious what my body will say about the trip.  At Mass, I asked a friend if she knew how the recent rain affected the Garden. She suggested that I look at their website. I am SO GLAD that I did. I learned the Antiques & Garden Show is this weekend. A few years ago, I wandered there on this weekend and had to park in a lot off property. They had a shuttle to take people back and forth. To say the garden was crowded is an understatement. Hopefully the weather will be warmer tomorrow with blue skies. I’ll wander then.

April 22, 2013- – Earth Day — blue skies, a perfect day to wander the Botanic Garden. Our cool spring has delayed the blooms. The hills that normally are covered in daffodils are waiting. The workers are taking down the tents from the weekend’s show. The East side of the Garden showed few effects of last weeks storms. Sadly, the West side didn’t fair as well. Many bridges were underwater, paths closed. I was curious, I wanted to know if I would be able to walk the garden as I had in the past. Thankfully, I had the energy, even if the walk was longer because of the detours.

This makes the 52nd thought ramble I’ve written since I began in May of last year. I didn’t think I have that much to say. Evidently “my friends” don’t agree and thankfully they “HELP!” I hope some of the stories I’ve shared and my thought rambles have been helpful to you.


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