Random Acts of "Kindness"


I have trouble thinking of the title for my thought rambles. This morning while washing clothes I thought of this title. I thought it was meant as a nudge for you — to share your stories with your friends. Often I have shared a story of mine, which in turn gave the person I was talking to the courage to share one of theirs. But then again, was the title a nudge for me?

The countdown to Hawaii continues. Last week, Woman’s World magazine had a few headlines on their cover which encouraged me to buy it: “Gina Neely grilled her way 20lbs slimmer,” “Reverse Alzheimer’s”. I didn’t have hope for the reverse Alzheimer’s title but I had to read  it. Losing 20 pounds,  another pipe dream. But I’m a dreamer. I was surprised that the magazine also featured Oahu as their get-away.

We were out in the country, opening our camper for the season. Saturday I walked to the closest lake which is about a mile away. And my body strongly suggested I return home. Bit tired when I arrived. I remembered that a few years ago I was able to walk  3 miles and still be ready for more. Times have changed! Sunday, I tried again.  This time I walked about half way behind the lake when my big toe began protesting. Reaching our camper I was glad I turned back. This Tuesday, back in the city, sun beckoned me outside. I was able to walk to a distant main road, turning around, I was half way home when whatever energy I had — LEFT. Reaching home, my pedometer read 2.33 miles. PROGRESS!

This morning I was grousing about my weight, it loves me and IS NOT LEAVING! Then I remembered a lovely dinner I attended on Tuesday night — Mediterranean flavors, — seven bountiful appetizers , 3 entrees and a lovely desert platter. The evening was sponsored by a local hospital, the program on vitamins and nutrition. I totally enjoyed my share of the food!

Tuesday night, I learned a friend is celebrating her 70th birthday soon. I knew just the present to give her. Our youngest granddaughter painted a picture when she was 2 and 1/2. In the painting I saw an angel. Of course I shared my photo of the painting with friends. For a few years my friend has requested a copy of the photo. It would be a perfect present if I could find the disk. FINDING — the quest began. I would not be exaggerating if I said I take a lot of photos, putting them on a disk for safe keeping. (I also make hard copies of the ones I really like. Technology is changing too quickly)  I easily have 12 disks covering a year but probably it is much more than that. Long story short — with the “help” of my friends, I found the disk and was able to enlarge the photo.

Did I mention that the countdown to Hawaii has begun. Wednesday, I was reaching for a can on my filing cabinet. It fell out of my hands onto the floor. Retrieving the contents, I found a bag with brochures from our last trip to Hawaii, including a map and a brochure from a hidden restaurant that we enjoyed. I mentioned the find to our son. He laughed and asked if the can had been nudged. Just a little “HELP”.

Please Share YOUR STORIES with others, they might also help you to see the “help” in your life.


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