Random Acts of "Kindness"


My weight is up — I have added exercise and two 10 minute walks to my day — the second walk after dinner.  I’m not expecting miracles but it would be nice if my weight remained constant, not increasing. My diet HAS NOT increased. I have not been enjoying candy, ice cream and soda. Just a little grousing  — and  so I met the morning.

Continuing on with my grumbling — I mentioned that if I was going to write a thought ramble this morning — I needed some inspiration. My “friends in high places” are often ready to help — often hidden.

Song Of Songs 8:4 — “do not arouse, do not stir up love, before its time.” Words from my daily calendar: “Thinkers do not accept the inevitable, they turn their efforts toward changing it.” Further encouragement — “Be real. Express yourself.”

Okay — I’m stubborn, I have not given up! Yesterday I was so tired I fell asleep watching Idol. I will continue to exercise, eat healthy and try to increase my energy.

The weather in Chicago this week has been rainy, cooler temperature, gray skies, damp. My body parts are reacting to the conditions. But the weather hasn’t stopped me. Grabbing my umbrella, I walked to the post office yesterday. I have been pestered to meditate. But the meditation — sitting quietly, closed eyes has not brought forth anything. Walking, on the other hand, I received an idea that solved my supper dilemma. Often I have received ideas while I’m outside — walking.

My daughter phoned from Florida before we left for China Town where I planned to renew our supply of tea. When she mentioned a pain in her elbow, I told her about a ointment that I use from there. Although the father at the herbal store speaks some English, his son is fluent in English. I was happy to see the son when I arrived. Not only did I get the ointment, he also provided bubble wrap and a box for shipping.

Supposedly Spring is here which means the camping season is beginning and a trip to Hawaii is on the horizon. I have begun to prepare for both. Summer clothes found — the first bin held my long dresses.

Buying food for the camper — yesterday at Whole Foods, I bought the LAST bottle of a herb that I take. Prescriptions have been renewed.

Returning home, a car pulling out of a parking space noticed I was driving past and stopped. Collision avoided — I hadn’t noticed the lights on the other car.

Walking down the steps, my foot slipped, but the I regained my balance before I fell.

Hidden — “My friends” often “help.” I don’t always notice.


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