Random Acts of "Kindness"


I was congested in my throat and chest. I will admit that I didn’t think I should go to the Mind, Body, Spirit Expo on March 2, 2013 at Northlake. It was cold outside, and it was often chilly in the meeting rooms. I will also admit that I always totally enjoy the Expo and wasn’t happy that I thought I shouldn’t go. Since I have realized that I walk to a different drummer, I am very comfortable there. I was going to stay home,  be an adult and pay attention to my health. My friend’s in high places didn’t agree. They thought I should go. The message came through very loud and clear. First thing in the morning, I opened the bible to a passage from Jeremiah: “like the anguish of a mother with her first child.” I listed my reasoning for staying home.  I was reminded that life is a creative process with many possibilities. I was told to TRUST and TAKE BACK MY POWER. I was also told to surrender to the Divine. The messages all had the same theme — and I got the message. I also got the last parking space at the Expo.

I have to admit that I was glad that I went. A few years ago, I attended a workshop at the Expo where the presenter told me that my mother was there, she is often with me when I wash clothes. And I have to admit that I am grateful for her presence. Since she passed when I was four, I don’t know her. Since her passing was so tragic, my family didn’t speak of her. I don’t know her stories but I have been told that I am like her in many ways.

During the day, I was reminded of my mother four to five times.  I don’t remember all of the occasions. Our middle daughter has had two nicknames. Her name is unique since I made it up when I was a Freshman in High School to honor my brother, who also passed. This woman not only had my daughter’s nickname, but her husband’s name was Terrence — my brother’s name. Later  in the afternoon, someone told me that my mother was with me.

When I’m at the Expo, I try to be more alert to information that I need, but also anything that would be helpful to my children. Sometimes they can take advantage of it, at other times, it isn’t possible. I met a doctor who might be able to help the spasms in my middle daughter’s back. He is from India and only in the States for a limited time. Sadly, her schedule doesn’t permit her to meet with him.

Although my oldest daughter was at the Expo, we often attend separate presentations. I went to a workshop presented by an artist and received ideas that would be helpful to both my daughter and I. It’s time to find my paints!

I planned to attend a two hour workshop to end the day. The temperature of the room was so cool, I went to get my coat. I watched as they set up the room for the presentation and realized the speaker was an author.  I listened to her opening music and knew it was time to leave.

Returning to the lobby, I saw a woman from my neighborhood and asked if she needed a ride home. Her driver was from the south side and was happy to be able to go home.  The driver works in the Palmer House, a building that my youngest daughter wants to use in her story.  She actually knows the person that my daughter needs to speak to.

Thanks Mom!


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