Random Acts of "Kindness"


It dawned on me the other day that many new people have started reading my thought rambles. Sometimes my ramble is very clear, it is evident that I’m receiving “help” from my friends in higher places. On the other hand — sometimes that “help” is hidden. And I reckon that is the reason I have been nudged to write a blog.

I have read many articles where pennies, or nickels, or dimes appear to let the person know that their family member on the other side is with them. Recently I read a story where birds appeared, not just one specie but a variety — robins, cardinals, a hawk to let the person know that the family member, on the other side, was watching over them and approved.

In my life — nothing is constant. I do not see or hear “my friends” on the other side. I have no proof that they are involved in my life. Before my father passed over and let the cat out of the bag, my mother was involved in my life. She was VERY GOOD — I did not have the faintest notion that I was receiving “help.” Maybe that is why I receive nudges and information in so many different ways. I’m aware that if I ignore the message that is being sent — if it is important — my life becomes more challenging or the message repeats so many times I can’t help but pay attention.  The nudge to write this blog is a good example. First there was the movie, Julia and Julia, after I read the book and saw the movie, blogs did not surface for a long time. Then the nudges began, slowly at first. Sisters on a TV program were invited to speak from someone who had read their blog, time passed. I paid NO ATTENTION. So things sped up — a magazine article in Weight Watchers, followed by Judge Judy on TV again. Then an article in the AARP magazine. My youngest daughter started a blog. I’m sure you get the idea. I finally did! In fact, my first post was titled I GIVE UP, on May 24, 2012. I didn’t think I had time to write or enough to write about. Just to let them know I was listening, I tried the server my daughter was using. I didn’t think I was going to start one —  wanted to see what I had to do. I have trouble thinking of titles but the first title I thought of was available.  So I began. This will be number 42.

I wish I could say that I write every week. That would be lovely — some day that might happen. Now I either write when I have the time, an idea or have been nudged often enough to put ideas in print. I hope these thought rambles are helpful to you. I hope the various things that happen to me have helped you to see the “help” that is occurring in your own life.

I guess “my friends” approved of this idea. I rarely find money on the ground, but the day I thought of this title, I found a quarter.


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