Random Acts of "Kindness"


It ‘s too quiet! Nothing unusual is happening. Days, weeks pass. Obstacles are everywhere. Finally I realized the blocks are on. I don’t know what else to call them. This time I can only blame it on congestion that wouldn’t end and pain in my leg that wouldn’t go away. Even though I promised to go to the doctor this year, pain increased. I’d wake in the morning with plans for the day. After being awake for two hours, I was ready to go back to bed, all plans forgotten.

Going to the doctor didn’t help — pain still increased. Couldn’t think. Blocks still on.

Started to see a bit of light — Doctor on Monday, specialist on Thursday, MRI on Friday.

I should also mention that the pharmacist at the hospital shares the same name as my daughter in Florida. The technician who took my tests has the more formal name of my own. She took care of her father who not only lived with her but had Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s too. He has been on the other side three years. And the hospital is St. Francis.  Inquiring I asked which St Francis — Assisi or ??  The person I asked didn’t know but I recognized the statue holding two doves as St. Francis of Assisi. We have a long history, I was born on his feast day.

A little more light — Ham is a favorite of my family. Shopping at Aldi’s I noticed ham on sale –$5.00 off to be exact. The ham I picked was out of date, but a worker found a ham for me — 2 weeks before the expiration date.

Hints that maybe things are changing. Shopping at Jewel my son’s favorite salad dressing was on sale, so were hot dogs. “Help” is often found in sales, especially when I need the items, don’t have them on my list and are reminded of them in passing.

Chicago got it’s first measurable snow this Friday. My husband and I went out for breakfast and ended up at a restaurant I never thought we would go to. We walked. A gas main break changed our plan — it was announced on TV but I didn’t get the message. (The food at the new restaurant was VERY GOOD but VERY EXPENSIVE.) We were only home for half an hour when a friend’s son phoned and invited us to meet his mother at a new neighborhood restaurant. Sally moved from the neighborhood to a senior citizen apartment but he was her chauffeur for the day. I was too full to eat but I happily joined them for tea.

To top off the day, I found the hiding place for presents that had been hidden since before Christmas.

Thankfully, I knew BLOCKS WERE OFF!

I’ve already written many times that I don’t see or hear my friends in high places but they have ways to communicate with me. The nudges started again, increasing in volume. Write –WRITE — tell your stories.

It is important!


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