Random Acts of "Kindness"


Every once in a while, I’m aware that I’m receiving “help” from “the other side”. Evidently, that is what is occurring now. Why we are seeing this indentation is beyond me. Back to my original thought, if it hasn’t disappeared.

They are ALWAYS very active in my life at Christmas. I was on target with the things I wanted finished for Christmas. I planned to bake cookies on Saturday and Sunday. GOD LAUGHED. I had a high fever and spent those days in bed. I wish I could say that I have completely recovered from the sickness but I don’t lie very often.

The cookies did get made but they ended up being in the oven longer than necessary and  received more color than usual. Sad to say, that seemed to be the case for everything I made that week. No longer with a fever but far from normal.

Fringe benefit, while sick, I lost a couple of pounds.  The trick will be to keep them off. Christmas Day, anyone wishing for a white Christmas in Chicago, got their wish. A couple of inches fell this morning.

Family Christmas — Despite sickness and car trouble, we gathered at our house and enjoyed the family. Both children made out like bandits. Our granddaughter told me, the doll house that I received as a gift, was going home with her. It was a FAVORITE. Our grandson, age 6 and 3/4 was able to put together a Lego following the blueprint. Both of us were impressed.

Just for the record, if this spacing makes it onto the blog, I DIDN’T SET IT UP, NOR CAN I FIX IT. Welcome friends.

Evidently they are not too upset with what I’m writing, it hasn’t disappeared yet.

I received two unexpected gifts that I can only credit with “spirit”. I received a check for the grand total of 72 cents from iuniverse as royalty on books that were published in 2000 and 2005. I don’t know which book was purchased. The fact that they are still available is remarkable.

The second gift came as an e-mail offer from our mortgage holder. Since I don’t often go on line I almost missed their offer to refinance our house at a lower interest rate at no cost to us.

If I was healthy, I’m sure I would be able to detect more instances where they were active in my life. Sometimes, it is meant to remain just between us.

Transferring my writing to the BLOG, the spacing corrected itself. I guess some things, as well as happenings are for my eyes only.


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