Random Acts of "Kindness"

I wondered what changes occurred in the Garden after the temperature tumbled from 70 to 30 with rain. Monday, sunshine and warmth was promised but clouds and 30’s came instead — then 20’s and snow. Just a dusting but still snow. When I was at the Garden on a windy Sunday, I was greeted by four tall bright yellow trees, crafted from mums.

Roses were abundant. Weeping willow trees, brilliant in bright yellow, danced in the wind. Masses of flowers in many different colors were in bloom everywhere. Couples, families with children and older folk walked the paths.

Four days later, the yellow trees of mums were gone, replaced by evergreen trees, lit with tiny lights. The Garden prepared for winter. Evergreen garlands, strung with lights were everywhere. A huge tree, decorated with frosty icicles and cardinals held center stage in the Cafe. Unlike Sunday, many tables were available.

As I crossed the bridge, I was greeted by a robin. I noticed the tall fountain had stopped. The weeping willow trees were still golden, more copper, not as bright. Canadian Geese were everywhere. Most of the flowers didn’t survive the cold. Rose buds looked like they would still bloom, if the weather was warm enough.

If the plants were in a protected place, some of the flowers survived. Pansies, mums and Sweet William to name a few. I even found a bush of white roses still in bloom.

I walked down the crab apple path near the lake and was surprised to hear running water. Walking around the bend, the water fall was still cascading down the slope. Sunday, I stopped to listen on a sunlit bench. Thursday, I did the same — not as noisy, not as warm but this time I could hear the water tumble. I had dressed for the temperatures but I forgot my gloves.

Crossing the bridge onto the island, I saw a mass of crystal white Sweet Alyssum on the hill. I’m sure it was there on Sunday, but I was distracted by the hawk. A landscaper told me the flowers were all gone. So were the people. I heard the wind whisper, the bird’s song. A favorite pit stop of mine was closed for the season.

On Sunday I took over 200 pictures, Thursday I took 65.

You might ask “Why the title? What was the Garden’s fault?”

Let me explain. Last Christmas, I decided to get new garlands for the stairs. Even though I have searched, I have not seen anything that I wanted to spend our money on. When I arrived at the Garden, the doors were outlined with garlands of evergreens, decorated with red berries and lights.

I decided to stop at a craft store and purchase plain garlands, red berries and white roses. Hopefully I will like the results.


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