Random Acts of "Kindness"


The premise of my writing is to show that we have “friends in high places” that are involved in our life. Therefore, for the most part I don’t write about the joys, problems or challenges in my life unless they seem to be interacting with the other side. Often, my life is ordinary. Then there is the rest of it.

My father enjoyed helping other people. My mother might have shared the same feeling. Since she passed over when I was four, I really can’t speak from experience. I have been told that I’m like her in many ways.
Over the past few years I’ve realized that she is often with me, for which I’m extremely grateful.

So, okay, where is this going? Do I have a point? Yes, I really do. When I enrolled in a Creative Writing class, our teacher mentioned that once we became aware of synchronicities, they would occur more often. Depending on my actions during the day, it might be a quiet day or more interesting.

Recently it was a shopping day. One of my favorite stores is Costco. I feel I receive good value for my money and I enjoy interacting with many of the employees. Costco DOES NOT provide bags for your purchases but they will place them into boxes for easier handling. Sometimes those boxes can be extremely heavy. The weight of the box and the deepness of the shopping cart can make it difficult to get the loaded box out of the cart.  Walking through the parking lot, I passed a woman who had such a problem and was able to extend an extra hand.

That same day, at another store, I noticed a gentleman that seemed to be searching for something with a degree of anxiety. When I asked if he was looking for the bathroom, I was able to direct him to the proper place.

Friday, I took our last pug, Lexie , out for a bathroom break. I call her our energizer pug and someday I will write a thought ramble about her. For now let me say that she is 14 years plus, half blind and with hearing loss. Since she walks with a fishtail gate, and stops to rest often, she wanders without a leash. Friday, I took her out in front of the house for her bathroom break. We live on a busy street. A car pulled over to the side, they lowered the window and a woman asked for directions. She was trying to get to the South side of Chicago and the directions she received from her hotel had her confused. I had to take a break to retrieve a wandering dog,  but luckily I was able to help her.

We have lived in our neighborhood for many years and I still don’t know the streets. But when I was young and took the bus, I learned the major streets on the North side.  Right Place, Right Time! Always makes my day!


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